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Episode 106, Brushfire Plague

Posted on the 21 September 2012 by Shrugger
Episode 106, Brushfire PlagueDoomsday fiction is the genre, and author R.P. Ruggiero checks in with an action-packed and realistic novel of what happens when a fast-moving and highly-lethal virus overwhelms suburban Portland, Oregon and the rest of the world.
Lots to enjoy here, and lots to learn about prepping too, and how to handle yourself and the situations that unfold when society is breaking down from the effects of a relentless disaster.
Grab a copy of the book and settle in for a great read. Thumbs up!
Rounding out this show is my take on the real and phony news, including Romney's 47% gaffe and the attack on the Libyan embassy. What should we be doing about radical Islam? Not what we are doing, that's for sure. Pete Ferron

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