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Environmental Portraits Photography Workshop

By Joyweesemoll @joyweesemoll

For a second Saturday in a row, we attended a photography workshop. The first one was on street photography (Saturday Snapshot — Street Photography), the second on environmental portraits.

We learned a lot of secrets that go on behind the scene of a good portrait — and that it helps to have a lot of assistants. Rick took this photo while I was helping to hold the diffuser.

Photographer, subject model, and lots of assistants for portrait

In this one, I’ve just backed out of the frame after making a wardrobe adjustment.

Subject, assistants, and photographer

Rick took several photos of me that I really liked — which was the main purpose of the class for us. With an online presence, it seems like I can never have too many photos of myself around. I put one of the photos in my memoir piece yesterday: Mother and Me, Age 48 — October Memoir Challenge. Here’s another.


My portraiture photography improved with this class, too, but since this post is long already, I’ll post my portraits next week.

Edited to add: Someone asked about details on Twitter. We were at Shaw Nature Reserve which is part of the Missouri Botanical Garden. Our terrific instructor was Mark Katzman.

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