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Entrepreneur Success And General Business Expectations

Posted on the 26 September 2013 by Adeyemiadisa @adeyemiadisa

Entrepreneur Success And General Business ExpectationsEntrepreneur success usually attracts friendship and celebration especially when considering how a startup began its journey.

As an entrepreneur, people want to be associated with you especially when your business is doing great.

Scarcely will you find somebody who likes to associate with failure in business, or life’s daily activities, such as religion, love affairs, and simple or complex human private and public relations.

When businesses are growing…

When businesses are growing and developing well, and when relations and friends are succeeding in their private and public lives, people like to associate with them.

Also when love affairs between spouses are going well, when churches and mosques are waxing strong with many quality attendees, they will quickly attract admirers.

This bears testimony to why people like to move with companies, organisations and individuals who attain success. They want to share in their success. There is nothing bad in liking or trying to be part of good things.

However, with the benefit of hindsight we should know that it isn’t easy to reap where one does not sow. If wishes were horses beggars might ride.

A person who intends to share or participate in successful business endeavours or be part of other flourishing activities has to work for it.

Sharing in the glory or splendour of entrepreneur success entails committing one-self to the totality of ingredients that bring about the attainment of desired goals.

For example, some people think going from point A to B is enough contribution even if they are not good go-getters.

Our orientation or reorientation should be: “Work and justify whatever dividend is earned or to be earned from an organisation.”

Entrepreneur success and expectations

Some of the expectations from somebody who wants to be part of the success of a business concern or organisation are as follows:

#1). Ideas

You should be able to contribute good ideas that can grow and develop a company or organisation. In running a business, ideas are the fulcrum around which success is built. Good ideas on how to run a business will enable the business to achieve its goals within a short period of time.

#2). Finance

Financial contribution is important, particularly at the beginning of the business. When your financial investment is in a business, you will always want the business to do well at least to safeguard your investment.

#3). Loyalty

You should be loyal to the management of the business, either as a partner or employee. This will enhance the corporate identity of the establishment.

#4). Performance

Diligent hardwork is necessary. This means total commitment to the aggregate goals of the business. There are no sentiments in business. You either perform or you will be shown the door.

Talking about sharing in the good fortune of a business is not as easy as some people think. The founders of a business who have gained success through their own hardwork, money and ideas will not easily share their glory or dividends with non-performers. A good management should always reward good performance.

#5). Goodwill

Some people may not contribute money but their goodwill is good enough for the corporate existence of the establishment. This is more so if such people are good influential people in the society. A business should not allow anything to erode away people’s goodwill.

#6). Honesty

This is important to be part of a business concern. It is the best policy. We should endeavour to live up to what we can achieve. Raising false hopes kills relationships as well as the business.

In our society, staying put is common in all facets of life. In marriage, husbands and wives may stay together, refusing to move on even though love is lacking between them.

Some political leaders continue to force themselves on the people even though they are under performing, but will refuse to go. Business associates, workers or contributors want to stay put even if they are under performing.

In conclusion, it is apt to stress that for somebody to be part of the business or any other undertakings and share in their success, he should possess or exhibit the afore-mentioned attributes.


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