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Entrepreneur 2.0

Posted on the 31 January 2012 by Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

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Entrepreneur 2.0

With the progression of technology over the past 10 years, entrepreneurs have seen their fair share in changes. During the 90s, small business owners and entrepreneurs had to rely on cold calls, driving to meetings, sending out mailers, and lugging huge binders full of paper around in order for business to get done. With technology growing fast and being used more and more in small business, we have seen the arrival of Entrepreneur 2.0.

Laptops & Tablets

Before technology really took off, entrepreneurs relied on huge trapper keepers and binders to keep their business affairs in order while on the go or in the office. Business owners couldn’t bring their new desktop computer (probably an Apple) with them to a meeting, which limited the amount of information they had access to while out of the office. Entrepreneur 2.0 has it a little easier, with the creation of Laptops and Tablets. Instead of lugging around a huge bag full of binders and papers, Entrepreneur 2.0 only has to bring a lightweight, easy to carry laptop or tablet that is filled with everything that is needed for business meetings and transactions.

Social Media for Marketing

Before technology and the world-wide web became widespread, entrepreneurs had to rely on direct market mailers, postcards, cold calls, flyers, huge signs and even large dressed up mascots in order to generate buzz about the business. With today’s use of the Internet, businesses and entrepreneurs can market their product across the continent and around the world at a touch of a button. Instead of direct mailers, you have e-newsletters. Instead of postcards, you have a website and instead of flyers you can use social media sites! Say goodbye to the moldy, smelly mascot suit forever!

The Cloud

As a business owner doing business before the Internet boom, if you wanted to work, you had to make the trip into the office. If you wanted to work from home, you had to prepare for it, to make sure you didn’t forget anything in the office, because God forbid you have to get out of your pajamas to go to the office just to get a 2-page document you forgot on your desk. You now get to stay in your fuzzy slippers thanks to The Cloud. Entrepreneur 2.0 is able to save everything on The Cloud, from images, to documents to music, and have it readily available at the drop of a hat. Plus, Entrepreneur 2.0 never has to worry about forgetting anything in the office!

Webcam Meetings

In order for a Face-To-Face Business Meeting to happen before the rise of technology, you would have to meet individual at their office, have them at your office, or meet at a public place to have the meeting. All scenarios take time and energy, and forget it if you misplaced a piece of information at the office or your office isn’t accommodating for guests. Then along came the webcam. At the flip of a switch, and a change of a shirt, you can be business meeting ready without taking off your pajama bottoms, forgetting anything (because you also have the cloud), or having to entertain someone. Its all about business in the world of Entrepreneur 2.0

Before technology entered the Entrepreneurs life, business was often filled with mistakes, lost time, and lost revenue. With the rise of technology came the rise of Entrepreneur 2.0. Technology has taken business to a whole new level and with technology growing at an exponential rate, only time will tell where Entrepreneur 2.0 will be in 10 years time.

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