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Enhance Individual Value to Gain Personal Branding

Posted on the 09 April 2011 by Epmworld @EPMWORLD_HYD

The world today is enlightened.  We are all matured and decisive about our choices in every aspect and in every walk of our life.  When a product or service in a situation happens to be a person, it is important that the person enjoys the loyalty of the consumer and stands for the brand value.  The person could be a trainer, a consultant, a doctor, a business man, or any other individual.  Even friends no longer like to connect with unless they find in us a growing value.

Enhance individual value to gain personal branding
Thus personal branding gained momentum in the face of growing social networking and enticing business opportunities.  Every one wants to be recognized.  We like to be identified on Page3.  We like to have several connections on Linkedin, several followers on Twitter and several friends on Facebook.  We vie to hog the best identity.  Every one of us wants to connect with the best people around the globe.  It could be social celebrities like Anna Hazare, successful people like Bill Gates, public intellectuals like  Amartya Sen, noted personalities like Oprah Winfrey or any other promising individuals.

Relationship stands for its meaning when it is established and maintained both ways.  The real challenge lies in gaining mutual connections.  Personal branding helps us achieve this.  We can improve a brand identity to ourselves when we are identified with a specific, demanding, and valuable knowledge, trait and significance.  We should evolve to be a product sought after by several consumers.  Value reciprocation is the driving force for creating and maintaining relationship.  So we need to create and maintain a value to ourselves so that we grow with specific identity to ourselves.  We need to grow attractive.  A beautiful bride is everyone’s dream.  We need to become such a sought after bride, who is beautiful, resourceful, manageable and reciprocal in relationships.

If we are able to identify ourselves with all or some of the following, we will invariably improve our personal value and can attract coveted identity in the social milieu.

  • An achievement
  • An expertise in any given discipline
  • Reciprocal attitude
  • Benefit of relation
  • Core personal traits like honesty, trust, and sincerity
  • Social identity

So when we like to connect next with any important figure in the social networking let us check if we hold something attractive enough to reciprocate and what is our brand value.  We may not immediately gain the stature of  Anna Hazare, Medha Patkar, Abdul Kalam, or Anupam Kher, but we can certainly work to be in such vicinity.

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