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Ellison Park Sky [Sky Watch Friday]

By Shattman
Leaves are rapidly disappearing from the trees, so the timing of catching fall colors is pretty hit-or-miss. We took a leisurely stroll in our nearby Ellison Park, but well before the changes began. If the sky is blue and the temperature mild, then you have to go outside. Speaking of blue, it is curious how much bluer the reflected sky appears compared to the actual sky. I did not have any filters [other than UV] on the lens, nor do anything in post-processing to enhance the color. Did the act of reflection polarize the light to enhance the blue [any optical physicists out there?]? 
Ellison Park Sky  [Sky Watch Friday]Whatever the answer is to the above question, here the reflected sky looks normal in the shot below. I deliberately included some floating leaves to help you figure out that this represents a reflection.Ellison Park Sky  [Sky Watch Friday]

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