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Einstein and Spirituality

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Einstein and Spirituality

While Einstein may have been revered as one of the greatest scientists in history, his thoughts about spirituality were equally brilliant. He somehow knew that our ‘true spirituality’ and our connection to ‘God’, was not found in our separateness as human beings, but rather in our connection to nature. This fundamental ‘truth’ that we are all really structures of the universe, and therefore inner-connected to other matter around us, is a powerful definition of spirituality. We are all ‘searching’ for something in this life. Some people seem to have a clearer idea of what it is then others.

In order to become who we want to be-first we must embrace who we are at this very moment- the key is self-acceptance. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, says that in order to embrace a true understanding of compassion, we must first embrace our suffering. If we are to become spiritual beings, then we must first embrace our ‘humanness.’ In other words, we accept our imperfections on a physical level and know that once we are no longer a physical being, our spiritual being will continue to exist and progress in its own divine journey.

We accept the fundamental principal that we are spiritual beings–having a human experience Far too many individuals either ruminate about the past or project into the future-mindful presence is a thoughtful process that takes time and commitment to obtain. The time spent learning to be present in the moment is well worth the reward. Learning to be in the moment, means re-training our thoughts, disciplining our minds, and anchoring ourselves in the here-and-now. It means, learning to become aware of each breathing moment and how it affects us

A child fearing the dark is a symbol of us fearing ourselves. The age of darkness seems to plague all humanity, whether it is engaging in it, or trying to make peace with it…But amidst it one must see a questions that is pervasive, imminent, one of origins. The questions of this darkness is just an obsession with fear and a separation from nature. What is sacred? Where does the path lead? Like a lost child without direction, one must first wander to the edges of consciousness. And if one is lucky, a great teacher that empowers comes along that path. This teacher is not separate, nor do they offer any new information. This teacher is also never accidental in one’s infantile path to enlightenment. The child soul is on a journey, but before one can even encompass what this journey leads to, we must realize: what is sacred, but everything? The music, the vibration which stands as the overarching Universe, of all there exists, is sacred. This includes everything, everywhere, and every time. The Universe knows this intrinsically. When it looks at itself, it looks in wonder because its pieces forgot. Its pieces are also ourselves, with the existential dilemmas, the endless questions we seek knowingly, or not. In the space of all there is, we can’t exist without imagination.

Imagination is the mind’s expansion tool, it is what we continuously create from the river of light . In this extension, the corners of our being are not in sight, but when one closes their eyes, it is impossible to imagine nothingness. When I imagine complete darkness, I cannot sustain it without my presence being part of it. I, as the imagine(r), am also the creator. In this sea of darkness, finding myself there, is finding my divine Self. In that darkness, I can choose to build castles, mountains, the world I wish to envision and dwell in. This self is all powerful, for it IS the ultimate container of this darkness, AND the force that externalizes the beauty of all that exists in it and out of it. For this reason, all that we have in our waking life is in essence, a result of us. It is a continual play between the pieces that arise out of us. This river is endless, and is the sacred river of all creation, and the sacred mother. This is where true worship should be, and where the experience of divinity happens.

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