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Eggless Light Fruit Cake Recipe

By Treatntrick
Eggless Light Fruit Cake Recipe @
A pleasing and easy Eggless Light  Fruit Cake  that was lighter and  can be enjoyed anytime of the year.
I used only half a cup  of  ready packed  dry fruits  but you may mix your own  consisting of  dried apricot, raisin, cranberries, fig, date  and many more   Increase the quantity of dry fruit up to  one cup.  for pretty presentation top it with  candied cherries.
Make sure you beat the yogurt, oil and sugar well until fluffy as to incorporate air as much as possible.
After adding flour.  use your spoon  to make quick circle  clockwise and cut in the center.  Do not over mix.  Tap pan a few times to release  air bubbles.
A friend of mine once  said ,  this Eggless Light Fruit Cake  was  as good as  their fruit cake  with eggs.  Give it a try!
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Eggless Light Fruit Cake Recipe @
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