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EDITOR’S DESK: Atomic HQ is Moving!

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic

Exciting things are happening to the Atomic Family – WE ARE MOVING HOUSE! That’s right, LC, Andre, Joe and I will moving out of Atomic HQ in Paddington and moving into a brand new location in the Eastern Suburbs and the most exciting part of it is that it’s not an apartment or unit, it’s a house and we’ll have the freedom to decorate how we like. That means, no more strata fees, no more having to listen to my neighbours argue, hump and party all night and having to shove LC with her aunt Ali because I’m having a routine house inspection. FREEDOM!
One of the FIRST things I’m installing is a hammock in our yard. (And YES, we’ll have a yard in the Eastern Suburbs!) We’ll have space for both our cars to have off-street parking (which, again, in the Eastern Suburbs is RARE!) as well as an extra two vehicles if we wanted (WOOHOO – for a massive driveway!) We’ll have space for a garden which I’ve always wanted, and an office space big enough for both Joe and I have have our work stations as well as space for my beauty products to be stored.

EDITOR’S DESK: Atomic HQ is moving!

So! What does that mean for Just for a little while, there will be extended periods of time between posts. As you can imagine, we will be moving two homes into one and we’ve literally got to start from scratch. It’s going to be an epic task, but I say… BRING IT ON!

Thank you for your patience through this transition and I’m sure there will be an abundance of posts once we get settled in.

Til then… I’ll see you at the NEW Atomic HQ!

Love, Rx

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