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Edgar Gonzalez Santa Ana’s Community Hero on Giving Back

By Abitoflux @abitoflux

Edgar Gonzalez Santa Ana, Anaheim resident like myself and a man who grew up on these streets is someone who works tirelessly for this community. Following many years as a baseball coach Edgar decided to give back to the community and so he set up the Who’s Next Boxing Academy, to help young boys and girls find focus in their lives. We had the great pleasure of meeting up with Edgar to find out more about his boxing academy, its benefits and why he thinks that it is so important that people give back to the community.

Who Comes To The Gym ?

The gym is open every day and run by Edgar or his team, the gym does have some adult classes but it is primarily aimed at young boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 19. These boys and girls are all from the local area.


Beyond simply wishing to give back to the community Edgar speaks about how he too had a tough childhood here in Anaheim, and he wanted to do something for the kids that were struggling like he was.

Benefits of Boxing

The reason why Edgar chose boxing wasn’t just because it was something that he had a natural flair for, but also because he believes it is the perfect sport for the young boys and girls growing up here. Here in the community these kids often have a great deal fo aggression which is what often gets them into trouble. When boxing the kids can learn how to channel this aggression and use it for something good, as well as using boxing as a way to blow off some steam.

Benefits of the Gym

Beyond the sport itself, there are many benefits of these kids coming into the gym to spend their time. The hours that these kids spend in the boxing gym are hours that they are not spending on the streets where they are surrounded by temptation such as drug dealing and illicit activities. The key to all of this is keeping the kids away from the streets. Another great benefit is that in the gym environment Edgar runs a tight ship with strict rules, which helps to instill discipline in the kids, discipline which they may not get from elsewhere.

Giving Back

The key to all of this is Edgar’s desire to give back and he says that it is something which everyone should try to do. In a world where communities are being eroded away, Edgar believes that if everyone took a small amount ofttimes out of their lives then they can improve the community and ensure that all of those in need get the support that they require. He concedes that not everyone can invest the time that he has, but anything can help, be it time or money.

A great man, with a very important message to spread.

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