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4 Tips Every Future Actor Need to Know

By Abitoflux @abitoflux

Before you attend the HB Studio workshop with Austin Pendleton, there are things you should know to prepare for the experience. As an actor, you’re going to need to possess some skills outside of acting. The first is becoming highly organized, so you don’t miss out on opportunities to further your career. Keeping track of upcoming auditions and callbacks is vital to your success.

Next, you’re going to need to be determined. Some of the most talented actors and actresses in the world did not get their lucky break right away. Keep your eye on the prize and make acting your focus. Even if you work or go to school while waiting for your next part, keep working on furthering your acting career each day.

What You Can Do Today to Experience a Brighter Future Tomorrow

Ask any seasoned professional for advice, and they’ll tell you that hard work pays off. Committing to an acting career isn’t for the thin-skinned or faint-hearted. You may experience rejection, but what you do after getting a “no” is far more important.

The following four tips are things that every future actor need to know:

Attend Auditions

Attend every audition that you can. It gives you great practice and insight into the world of acting. Even if you don’t get cast, it makes people familiar with your face and talent. Eventually, you’ll get the break you were looking for because of your hard work and determination.

Professional Resume

Make sure your resume looks professional and that you have a few headshots to include with it. It will make casting agents look at you twice. Casting agents will be able to return to your resume and headshots to see if you’re someone they want to work with in the future.

Before you hand your resume off to a casting agent, you will want to make sure you have proofread what you’ve written and make sure that everything is up-to-date.

Classes and Workshops

Sign up for classes and workshops so you can improve your craft. In addition to meeting other actors and actresses, it allows you to improve your skills. The more classes and workshops you participate in, the more opportunities you have to learn new techniques and improve your acting skills.

For example, attending the HB Studio workshop with Austin Pendleton provides you with valuable insight that can help you launch a successful career in the field of acting. Plus, you have the opportunity to work with a renowned actor, director, and playwright. 

Promote Yourself 

Promote yourself every chance you get because you never know who is paying attention. Create business cards, acting reels, and social media accounts to help get the word out about you and your acting skills. Attend networking events where you can meet other industry professionals, learn about casting calls, and do things related to acting.

Put What You’ve Learned Into Practice

By putting what you’ve learned into practice, you’re able to perfect your craft and get more acting roles. Follow the advice of industry professionals and hone in on the skills that you already have. You’ll only get better the more you make acting a part of your everyday life.

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