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Eazy E’s Daughter Wants To Play Her Father In The NWA Biopic Too!

Posted on the 04 October 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright

10/04/2011 – by Cynthia Wright

Erin Bria Wright, Eazy E’s daughter wants to world to know that she wants to audition for the role of her father in the Ice Cube produced NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton.

Eazy E’s Daughter Wants To Play Her Father In The NWA Biopic Too!

Eazy E's Daughter

Well Ms. Wright (and her publicist) released a statement letting everybody know that it doesn’t matter if her brother is rumored to be playing their late father on screen, he should audition for the part just like anyone else.

I feel the role of my dad in a biopic should “Not” just be a “given” to my brother Lil Eazy solely on the strength that he is my father’s junior! To be honest my father has four sons total who all resemble him in their own way, just as I have an uncanny resemblance to my father and I am a girl. I think my brother should have to audition and earn the role by delivering a great read instead of just being handed the role—and I’d like to add that I feel I should have that same opportunity to audition for the role as well, and be given equal consideration based on my acting ability and not just my relation. I have dreamed of getting this role for many years now, as I have always been inspired by how Hilary Swank played a boy in “Boys Don’t Cry,” which I’ve referenced in a past interview in 2007.

The sentiment is nice, even though Brandon Teena was seen as more transgendered than a male, so it made sense for Hilary Swank to take on the role.  Personally, I really don’t see it as such a bad thing that she wants to audition for his part. After all, Cate Blanchett did play a Jude Quinn (as an homage to Bob Dylan) in He’s Not There. (As an aside, she looked real good in that movie too.)

Eazy E’s Daughter Wants To Play Her Father In The NWA Biopic Too!

Cate is on the left

See what I mean? Absolutely delicious.

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