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Easy Weight Loss Tips

By Rockmefabulous @RockMeFabulous

Easy Weight Loss Tips It is mid-January already and many of us listed losing weight at the top of our New Years resolution's . How are we doing so far?! In case you needed some extra support, here are some weight loss tips that can easily be incorporated into all of our daily diets. Small changes that we incorporate and repeat day after day are much more powerful than over night changes that we drop pretty fast. Check out these easy tips that will help you along your path to vibrant health and easy weight loss! 
1. Start lunch and dinner (if it is not the main course) with a green salad. Greens are full of fiber, so we get filled up on this mineral-dense food first. All the raw plant enzymes and chlorophyll go to work cleaning and detoxing our blood and systems. When we cleanse on an ongoing basis, it continues to be easier for us to maintain our ideal weight.
2. Try to consume the juice of 1-2 lemons every day. You can squeeze them over salads, in water, over veggies, or even over grains like quinoa. Lemon helps regenerate and support our liver by benefiting bile formation. Since our liver is our main fat-burning organ, lemon can therefore help promote optimal fat metabolism.
Easy Weight Loss Tips
3. Stop drinking Diet Coke. We have all gone through love relationships with diet colas, being lured in by the fact that they have 0 calories and have a sugary, satisfying taste. But… it IS all too good to be true. Sodas are considered the most acidic “food” on the planet. They leave an acidic residue in our bodies, and the more acidic our bodies are the more we tend to hold on to weight and age faster. Sodas are full of acidic chemicals like carbonic acid and phosphoric acid. Soda demineralizes the bones, teeth, and skin, robbing us of our highest beauty by eating up our minerals. All the chemical sweeteners in diet sodas can also overload our liver.

4. Drink as little as possible while you are eating.
If you drink a lot while you are eating, you will dilute the gastric juices and slow down digestion, which can lead to the fermentation and putrification of our food. Drink water half an hour before eating, and wait at least an hour afterwards to start drinking significant quantities of water (or other liquids) again. 5. Avoid table salt at all costs- both in cooking and adding as a condiment. Sometimes we are tempted to add salt to our food as a fat-free, calorie-free condiment, as a way of cutting back on oil or other “fattening” options. But regular table salt, which is really de-natured sodium chloride salt, is toxic poison in our bodies. It will leach H20 and other minerals out of your body. These kinds of salt will also create “false fat”, making us look bloated and up to 9 pounds heavier than we truly weigh. We must avoid it all cost. Throw it out of your cabinet right now, and resist the urge to add any of it onto your food from salt shakers at restaurants or cafes. Celtic sea salts and Himalayan sea salt are the right choice to fulfill our salt needs, as they are natural and full of minerals.
I hope these tips help you achieve your weight loss goal this year. Keep me updated on your progress.

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