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Easy Guide to Clean Eating

By Mamakbest @mamakbest

I don’t know what I talk about more… clean eating or hair but I’m slightly addicted to both and I’m ok with that!Youarewhatyoueat Almost everyday I engage in a conversation about clean eating, an update from someone who is participating in a clean eating challenge, someone asking for tips, recipe exchanges or  just an inquiring mind.  I  am a clean eating convert.  As I have mentioned, it has been one of the best changes I have made health, lifestyle and fitness wise.  Removing processed foods from the diet benefits all aspects of your being and the results aren’t only physical but psychologically as well.  Positive eating results in positive living!

What made me consider clean eating was the Cross Fitters in my life! They were always posting and raving or complaining (lol) about Paleo. I was intrigued and reluctant. I love love love… no really… love candy. Like… really love candy. So a lifestyle without candy just didn’t seem like the kind of life for me! It’s my cheat. Every single time. I can live without just about everything else. I have become a pro at downing black coffee, I don’t even miss baked lays very often… but a box of hot tamales…oh sweetness, I must have them in my life from time to time.

Let’s get started!

1. Do your research!  Learn about clean eating and the paleolithic lifestyle. The more you know and understand about how and why this way of eating is better for you, the easier it is to commit to it. Nerd Fitness has a great beginners guide to Paleo.

2. Learn the clean eating foods. 


3.  Pantry Cleanse: get rid of everything that isn’t part of the clean eating lifestyle. Donate it! See, clean eating is already making your life better! If it isn’t around, you won’t be tempted. Because trust me, at the beginning you will be tempted.

4. Start slow.  Challenge yourself to a 10 day trial period.  I guarantee you will want to continue after the 10th day!

5.  Get into cooking. In my opinion, it is almost the only way to be successful at clean eating.  Knowing exactly what you are consuming changes everything!

6.  Cheat days.  I believe in cheat days because well… like I said, sometimes I need a lil bit of candy in my life or some cheese!  However, you will find the cravings aren’t nearly as hostile as you once anticipated.  You will also notice you don’t feel well when you consume “dirty” foods.  Your energy level will be different.

7.  Enjoy it!  I always tell people, it is not nearly as restrictive or difficult as you may believe.  There is a paleo version of just about everything. If we are considering a new meal and aren’t sure, I usually google it or go to the almighty Pinterest to find a recipe!   You just simply replace the conventional processed food products with natural, clean products;  usually a nut or veggie version of a conventional product.  Yes, you will learn just how amazing cauliflower is… I swear!

8.  Good luck!

Here are some additional resources from Nerd Fitness:

Mark’s Daily Apple - Easily the most comprehensive resource on the Internet for the Paleo Diet – Mark writes an article every weekday about everything Paleo, and it usually blows me away.  Some of the posts can get overwhelming, so I suggest starting with his Primal Blueprint 101.

The Primal Blueprint – If you want to read about this stuff in a book rather than on a computer screen, Mark’s book The Primal Blueprint is a fantastic place to get started on not only what to eat, but why you should be eating it.  It’s educational, funny, real-world applicable, and teaches you how to primalize (just made that up) the rest of your life too.

Robb Wolf - Another great resource, and a guy I’ve already referenced in this article multiple times.  Check out his site for a comprehensive FAQ on all things Paleo, a shopping list pdf (right-click and save), and plenty of humor.

The Paleo Solution - This article would have been finished 3 hours earlier, but before I wrote it, I read ALL of Robb’s new book.  It seriously had me laughing out loud at certain points – not bad for a book on diet! This book is a little less forgiving than Mark’s book above, but it’s still a great read.

Loren Cordain - Loren is considered the leading expert on the Paleo Diet – Robb is actually one of his students/disciples/padawans.  Dr. Cordain is probably the foremost authority on this type of eating, which is why I really enjoyed reading both of his books.

The Rebel Fitness Guide - Yup, tooting my own horn here.  I’m a fan of the Paleo Diet, but I know it can be intimidating, so I’ve created a diet philosophy that allows you to slowly ease into the Paleo lifestyle.  I still include resources for vegans and vegetarians if that’s your thing, but I focused on making this whole “diet” thing enjoyable and educational.

What do you think?  Are you part of the clean eating crew?  Have you tried and couldn’t stick to it?  Do you believe  Faileo (As my friend Terita refers to it)  is the new Paleo?  Share!  I know a few ladies are started their clean eating challenge today so there will hopefully be new converts very soon!   Cheers to healthy living!

xoxo- Kellie

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