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Easy Burrito Bowl

By The Dreams Weaver

This burrito bowl looks so fancy and hard to make, and I sure fooled my husband at dinner last night! It's a great idea for a dinner party, or for date night like I did.  Continue reading to learn my secret!
Easy Burrito Bowl~ The Dreams Weaver
What you will need:
1 pound ground meat for the filling
Assorted veggies
Burrito spice mix
Olive oil
Cupcake Tins

First, saute your veggies.  I started with an onion and let that brown first.  I then added garlic, carrot, mushroom, broccoli, and seasoned with salt and pepper.  
Once all the veggies were halfway cooked, I added my ground meat.  At this point I added my burrito spice mix, but if you don't have that I usually use a mixture of turmeric, cayenne pepper, paprika, and any other spices that you have laying around.
Keep stirring the meat so that it gets browned all around, and I chopped my meat pretty fine while I was stirring to get small bits.
After the meat is fully brown I added a bunch of kale to slightly wilt. If you don't like kale use spinach or cilantro.
Easy Burrito Bowl~ The Dreams Weaver{Drum roll please...} Whip out your cupcake tins! What?! You ask, that can't be!  Yes, I've said it, turn those cupcake tins upside down and press in your tortillas to make a bowl shape. {Mind Blown!} It's that easy!
Easy Burrito Bowl~ The Dreams WeaverNow, fill your homemade bowls with your filling.  I topped mine off with some fresh cut tomatoes.  The tortillas will get crisp in the oven and will hold their bowl shape and prevent any liquids or filling dropping out.
Easy Burrito Bowl~ The Dreams WeaverBake in the oven on 350° for 10 minutes, or until the tortillas slightly brown.
Easy Burrito Bowl~ The Dreams WeaverVoila! Burrito bowl complete!
Easy Burrito Bowl~ The Dreams Weaver photo signature_zpsf75b5071.png

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