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Easy Burlap Flower Hair Clip

By Pinkwhen @pinkwhen
PictureEasy Burlap Flower Hair ClipWhile I was sitting around and making some fabric flowers for a tote bag, Addy decided she wanted to sit  at the table and help.  Well of course, I had to stop what I was doing to see what all she was getting into. I have my table full of supplies and she LOVES to dig in and see what she can find.  While I had the burlap sitting out, she came across a piece of a flower and some of these little purple stick-on gems.  She was having such a good time playing, I decided we just needed to make HER something fun to wear.  Why not another little flower barrette?  So here is my quick and simple 'Addy-pleasing-burlap-fabric-flower-with-bling'!Let's grab our supplies:
  • burlap
  • plastic cup
  • scissors
  • sticky gems
  • piece of a fabric flower
  • alligator clip
The first thing we did was take our burlap piece and using a solo cup, we drew circles out to make our little flower.  I made two big circles and 4 smaller circles.PictureMake your circlesWhen you are finished, grab your sticky gems and circles and start sticking away.Pictureburlap circles and sticky gemsWhen I was done with the sticky gems, I basically stacked all of the circles and placed a dab of hot glue in the middle to hold them all together.  After that, I added the flower on top, added a few more gems to the middle, and glued an alligator clip to the back. 
And that is all! You know you can't keep that 2 year old attention span for long, so this was a perfect 10 minute craft  to keep her attention going.  She loves her new little hair clip! PictureSee that nifty knit jersey headband? We made that in 2 seconds to go with the new clip :-)PictureBurlap Flower Clip with Sticky GemsDo your little one's like to do the same thing?  Here are a few other easy little crafts for the kiddos over the summer, just CLICK HERE. 

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