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Easter Bunny : Man up

By Parentalparody @parental_parody

Easter Bunny : Man up

School Easter Bunny circa 2013.
See how happy he looks?
It's a little weird and creepy, right?

The Easter Bunny is a wondrous and awesome creature. Unless you're the Easter Bunny. Donning a massive, sweat encrusted suit to prance around like an idiot in front of a school full of kids?  No thanks. That is the task that I've been trying to sell to #1Hubby. After last year's panic, he's not keen. I've used all the motivational sayings at my disposal: Do it for the kids.
Won't anybody think of the children!?
Go hard or go home.
Suck it up, princess.
Do it and I'll do you.
Man up.
Take one for the team.

It's your turn.

It's your time to shine. None of them have swayed him. He is flatly refusing to don the suit for the kids' school Easter assembly. Other parents are avoiding making eye contact with me. They all know that I'm on the hunt for this year's sucker parent volunteer. I figured I could guilt/whine/wear #1Hubby down, but no such luck. I have just a week left to lock some poor sap in to the totally illustrious appearance opportunity. This does not bode well for me. I am already half resigned to having to man up, take one for the team, suck it up princess and go hard or go home, all because I'm doing it for the kids and thinking of the children because it's my turn, my time to shine. If anyone is interested, I am prepared to pay in booze. After the performance of a lifetime.  Obviously.

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