Earthing Or The Disconnect Syndrome

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Earthing Or The Disconnect Syndrome
I would like to focus on how to benefit from the energy of the earth standing barefoot. I take every opportunity to do that and I feel great! It certainly improves my mood and health, and even I think it's one of the easiest methods of spiritual growth.

Earthing brings me back to my childhood when I used to go barefoot all the summer without shoes in the grass and my legs became strong and healthy. From time to time even now I have my great walks without shoes. Just the other day I took a walk in the snow barefoot ... a habit that I have for many years and I practice that at least once a year.

We wear shoes on our feet almost our entire life. These shoes are often with a rubber sole, which isolates us from the earth's electric field. The fact  that we can walk barefoot without shoes allows us to connect deeply with our planet, not only emotionally, but also restoring the natural electrical state of the body.

Many of our mental or physical problems can be alleviated by this simple act of rooting our energies by linking back to the earth. We can get incredible benefits as the almost instantaneous electric charge as from stepping on the earth. Our shoes with rubber soles prevent the bio electric circuit in our bodies from working properly..

Sleeping on the floor (oh, good naps on the blanket in the shade of the trees!) or walking barefoot helps us balance our energy as we gather electrons from the ground and thus we synchronize our levels of potential with the energy charge of the earth. This balance brings many benefits for us on all levels: physical, emotional and mental. Hira Ratan Manek, who, as I recall spread the practice of feeding on solar energy also recommends that simple action of earthing.

There is a book about earthing-a book that deals with questions such as why are we unhealthy?—what  is the missing link?

Earthing Or The Disconnect Syndrome

Three authors speak in the first person narrative and explain the different perspectives of earthing related to their profession and life experience demonstrating a series of scientific and experimental data.
Clinton Ober, a pioneer of the cable television indicates the health benefits of "Earthing", a term used by him to determine the relationship that we establish with the surface of the planet as we sit on the earth, stand straight or walk barefoot on the ground or sleep on mats or special cushions that act as conductors. Clinton invented a locking system for better sleep and a whole bunch of other tools that help us restore the vital link with the Mother Earth.

Steve Sinatra, a cardiologist from Connecticut, specializing in integrated medicine once met Ober, and immediately realized how promising Earthing was for the sphere of cardiology, as well as medicine in general.

Martin Zucker is a veteran in the study of health and the utility of walking barefoot.

So if you suffer from premenstrual syndrome or arthritis pain or back pain, or you have indigestion, or your body has to overcome the time difference, or feel tired -just go outside and step out barefoot. Eventually you will feel better. And when that happens, you light up a light in your head. You will realize that even if you live on the surface of the Earth because of your previous lifestyle you have lost touch with this infinite energy, without realizing what treasure stands under your feet.

I would like to introduce to you a few excerpts from the book.

The “World’s Most Dangerous Invention”

David Wolfe, an author, speaker, and outspoken authority on health and lifestyle, deems “the common shoe” as perhaps the “world’s most dangerous invention.” After fifteen years of nutritional and lifestyle research, he incriminates the shoe as one of the “most destructive culprits of inflammation and autoimmune diseases”
in our lives because it separates us from the healing energy of the Earth. “Put a shoe on,” he says, “and it’s gone.”

This book unfolds an amazing story of discovery, a process that you, the reader, will soon experience for yourself as you read through the pages ahead. It is a rare and humbling experience for a scientist to have the opportunity to explore new ground—and this story is all about ground—and participate in research that quickly infuses better health and more happiness into people’s lives. It has been an exciting and challenging process for me. I was forced to ask questions that had never been asked before. The answers have ranged from fascinating to astounding, and they have shed light on some of the most important unsolved problems in physiology and

Earthing Or The Disconnect Syndrome

Among the many surprising revelations this book holds is an obvious,
fundamental, and yet overlooked answer to the question of inflammation—recognized as the central health issue of our time—that surely will lay the foundation for many academic investigations and doctoral projects well into the future. I say that without equivocation, as an experienced academic cell biologist and biophysicist who has published dozens of articles in some of the world’s leading scientific journals. The research in this book puts forward, and from a completely unexpected direction, a
powerful reason for the proliferation of inflammation and, most importantly, what we can do about it.
Many people describe a sense of well-being when they walk barefoot on the Earth. The stories and the research in the book reveal the background, dynamics, and implications of this feel-good sensation, a real experience indicative of something profoundly important that most of us have been missing in our lives. This missing link is so profound in fact that it seems to do away with or dramatically improve so many health challenges common in this day and age: insomnia, the chronic pain of multiple diseases and injuries, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, and premature aging.

Have you ever noticed a subtle tingling or sensation of warmth rising

up from your feet during a barefoot stroll on a sandy beach or grassy field glistening with the morning dew?
Did you feel revitalized at the end of your walk?
If you did, you experienced the Earth energizing your body.
The fact is that we live on a planet alive with natural energies. Its surface teems with subtly pulsating frequencies, a phenomenon unknown to most people. Who regards the sand, grass, sidewalk, or dirt beneath their feet as an energy field?
But that indeed is what the ground is and always has been.
Put another way, your planet is a six sextillion (that’s six followed by eighteen zeroes) metric ton battery that is continually being replenished by solar radiation, lightning, and heat from its deep-down molten core. And just like a battery in a car that keeps the motor running and the wheels turning, so, too, do the rhythmic pulsations of natural energy flowing through and emanating from the surface of the Earth keep the biological machinery of global life running in rhythm and balance—for everything that lives on the land or in the sea.
Earthing Or The Disconnect Syndrome

Throughout history, humans have strolled, sat, stood, and slept on the
ground—the skin of their bodies touching the skin of the Earth—oblivious
to the fact that such simple contact transfers a natural electrical signal
to the body.
Only recently has the knowledge and significance of this connection
been explored and explained by scientific experts in geophysics, biophysics,
electrical engineering, electro physiology, and medicine. From
them, we are learning that the Earth’s electrical energy maintains the order
of our own bodily frequencies just as a conductor controls the coherence
and cadence of an orchestra. We all live and function electrically on an
electrical planet. We are each of us a collection of dynamic electrical circuits.
In the living matrix of our complex bodies, trillions of cells constantly
transmit and receive energy in the course of their programmed
biochemical reactions. Think of them as microscopic electronic machines.
The movement of nutrients and water into the cells is regulated by electric
fields, and each type of cell has a frequency range in which it operates.
Your heart, brain, nervous system, muscles, and immune system are
prime examples of electrical subsystems operating within your “bio electrical”
body. The fact is, all of your movements, behaviors, and actions
are energized by electricity.
Earthing Or The Disconnect Syndrome

Most people, even in this scientific age, are totally unaware of their bio electrical
nature. Practically no one has the slightest notion of an electrical
or energetic connection between his or her body and the Earth. Nobody
learns about it in school. So nobody knows that we have largely become
disconnected and separated from the Earth. In developed societies, in particular,
we have essentially lost our electrical roots. Our bare feet, with
their rich network of nerve endings, rarely touch the ground. We wear
insulating synthetic-soled shoes. We sleep on elevated beds made from
insulating material. Most of us in the modern, industrialized world live
disconnected from the Earth’s surface. Although it is not something you
probably have ever thought about, you may be suffering needlessly because
of this disconnect. And you may be suffering severely, and in more ways
than you could ever imagine.
Before the Egyptians, however, humans apparently snuggled up for the
night on the ground and, of course, where accessible, in nice, dry caves.
Believe it or not, in this modern age there are still cave dwellers around,
most notably 40 million or so in mountainous north-central China. They
live surrounded by the Earth, and the Earth’s energy, and as we have heard,
even with cable TV.
Anthropologists tell us they discovered evidence of grass-lined beds dating
back over nine thousand years in southwest Texas. Pits were created
in the soft sediment with grass piled in for some crude level of comfort.
Whether straw, grass, or sleeping skins, these natural materials, when combined
with perspiration from the body, have accommodated electron conductivity
throughout the ages.
These are still the bedding materials of choice for many temperate-zone
indigenous cultures around the world. Adult sleepers in traditional societies
recline on skins, mats, the ground, or “just about anything except a thick,
springy mattress,” said a 1999 article at Science News Online that
recommended researchers look at these societies for clues about sleeping
patterns, insomnia, and nocturnal brain activity.
Earthing Or The Disconnect Syndrome

Our story brings us back to the transcendent question posed by T. H.
Huxley about our relationship to Nature and the cosmos. In 1969, Matteo
Tavera, a French agronomist, put forward a unique answer in the form of
a series of provocative hypotheses, contained in a largely unnoticed book,
in which he argued that our place on the planet was to live in accordance
with “natural electricity, which governs us all.” Agronomy is the application
of a combination of sciences like biology, chemistry, ecology, earth
science, and genetics. Tavera’s commentary, drawing from all these disciplines
and many years of intimately observing Nature as a farmer, concludes
that humans are paying a steep price in terms of degeneration and
illness as a result of their separation from Nature.
Tavera’s book, published in France under the title of La Mission Sacrée
(The Sacred Mission), emphasizes the unrecognized electrical relationship
of all living things—including plants, animals, and humans—to the ground and sky.
The Frenchman saw life on the planet as being regulated by an energizing continuum
from above and below, and that our structures were
designed by Nature to receive and transmit that energy. Think of our bodies
and forms as antennas, he said.
Tavera lamented that the modern lifestyle included “princely like structures,
all built close together . . . with isolating floors, plastic clothing,
and rubber-soled shoes. The electrical contacts are slowed down or totally
missing” and, as a result, an increase in chronic illness has become quite
Earthing Or The Disconnect Syndrome

Eating more wholesome food, free of chemicals, and breathing cleaner
air certainly contributes to better health. But our “sacred mission,” he said,
involves reconnecting with Mother Earth. Tavera warned that “man persists
in going on in the direction of error,” and while “Nature is forgiving,
it has its limits to those who do not relate . . . and carry electricity
through their bodies for the completion of the required health balance”
necessary for survival.
The French naturalist said that humans should look at examples within
the animal world to see why reconnection with Earth is so necessary.
“Notice that a cow left in a stable with a more limited conduction of
electricity due to the insulating effect of the building is usually cold and
chilly,” he wrote. “Put this same cow in the fields under the same weather
conditions and it is quite comfortable. The cold nights are bearable.
Chickens in the natural state of roaming never get sick. Chickens, isolated
by their coop, need to be covered and protected . . . [and] look at the
medicines that are required for the captive chicken. The quail in the wild
have equal happiness in winter as in summer, without covering, without
special lodging.
“The dog who is kept too long in the same habituation as his master
and does not get to contact the Earth, as Nature intended, is keeping the
veterinarian very busy.
“In the wild, the sanitary state of animals is excellent especially if it has
not been soiled by the touch of man. Despite conditions seemingly uncomfortable
to our eyes and probably because of those conditions, the wild
animal knows no sickness. This privileged benefit is the result of his accomplishing
his right to life by the proper exchange of the electric mediums.
“Be inspired by the wild animal [that] can survive so well on his own
because of his constant contact with the Earth. Compare yourself to him
a little.”
Within the context of modern times, Tavera offered a variety of practical
suggestions that could seemingly fit into most of our lifestyles. They
included the following:
• “Walk into the wilderness and choose the grassy areas instead of the
asphalt roads. Try to walk barefooted or at least with a covering that
allows the electrical contact or exchange. You will notice the difference
in your mood, your health. It will keep you alive with joy in your heart.”
• “As often as possible expose any part of the skin of your body to the
Earth or grass, or any natural water, lake, stream or ocean. In your garden
. . . moist grass is a perfect conductor.”
Earthing Or The Disconnect Syndrome

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