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Earnings Through Buying Gold Jewellery

Posted on the 15 June 2012 by Rachelcool01
Buying pure gold in the form of bars or coins having its own importance and demand just like buying a land for your dream home.  Gold Jewellery in the form of different shapes like necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings etc are all valuable, durable and in use for your fashion and beauty.
Today, as gold prices are rising and demands of gold is also going high day by day, investment in gold through buying Jewellery is also rising.
Jewellery made of gold consisted of different karats having own color, demand and durability. The Jewellery mostly which are very much in demand and the of which karat is an issue for people going to buy gold Jewellery.
Jewellery in different shapes consisted of following karats:
  • 24 Karat gold Jewellery is the pure gold or we can say is made of pure gold. The color of Jewellery in pure and the Jewellery is soft than other Karats.
  • 22 Karat Jewellery is 92% gold Jewellery which is very much in demand all over the Asia, Gulf and other parts of the world. In India 22 karat gold Jewellery is the most preferable and in other parts of Asian countries too. 
  • 21 Karat gold Jewellery is 88% gold Jewellery is also very much like by the people in Gulf , Asian countries and others parts of the world. Arab people like it mostly and also African people. Its having own durability and little harder than 24 karat pure Jewellery.
  • 18 Karat gold Jewellery consisted of different shapes like rings, necklaces etc are in great demand on the western parts of the the world.
Which Karat Jewellery which you should buy:
All karat of Jewellery having their own importance according to their demand. However, before buying gold the karat of Jewellery must be kept in mind because the price of gold increases or decreases with its purity. 24 karat gold price is higher than 22 karat and similarly 22 karat gold Jewellery price is higher that 21 karat.
As the karat of gold decreases from 24 its price also decreases.
Before buying Jewellery world gold price must be kept in mind , which karat gold Jewellery you are going to buy and what is the actual weight of gold Jewellery.
Gold Jewellery having own benefit in the way that people use it for own fashion, and sell it at the desired price in the market. The price or value of gold not reduces rather it always increases from time to time. Investment in the form of Jewellery having two ways benefits to people who owns it.
Gold Jewellery often marked with or stamp on the back that it is of which karat. The Jewellery which are not marked or stamped should be avoided for making purchases.
One most importance thing in gold Jewellery is the making charges associated with it depends on the designing, shinning, shapes etc. More beautiful or innovative design costs more making charges and looks beautiful to wear it.
Gold Jewellery with stones on its having its own looks and demand and is very amazing in look. Different stones in different shapes are now in use for making Jewellery which enhance it durability. Although, stones Jewellery increases the weight of gold which also increases the price but it is often ignored while making purchase for fashion and own interests.

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