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Early Morning Luxuries (or, What It’s Like to Live at Home as a 25 Year Old Woman)

By Lilveggiepatch @Lilveggiepatch

I love going out for breakfast. Do you ever do it? It feels so luxurious. And on a weekday? Oh my lordy, what a treat.


Since my mom and I work in the same neighborhood, we always go to work together. And sometimes, if we resist hitting snooze, we hop on the subway just a little earlier, and we go to breakfast. Early in the morning, Pecan, a coffee shop with dine-in or take-out breakfast and lunch fare, is quiet. Hours later it’s a bustling Tribeca hotspot with laptops and loud conversations, but when we go, we have our pick of the place. We sit in the window, and watch New York wake up: dogs are walked, kids are taken to school by impeccably dressed people who look far too young to be parents. (Or am I suddenly realizing my age?)

people watching.JPG

She orders a croissant or a pain au chocolat, while I take a (heaping) bowl of oatmeal with fruit, nuts and soy milk. We enjoy a relaxed hour before the workday starts; it’s quite pleasant.

pecan nyc.JPG

I’m going to miss this. While I’m only moving 45 minutes away, I feel as though I’ve taken these moments for granted.

When I moved home over a year ago (August 14, to be precise), I had a lot of conflicting feelings. I’d been living “on my own” (with my boyfriend at the time) for over two years, and frankly, the idea of retreating back to my parents’ apartment was less than appealing. How would I maintain a social life and a sense of independence while sleeping 10 feet away from my mom and dad? It was though I was being forced to live in a sort of stunted adulthood, doomed to revert to my 15 year old self.

I think, though, if you’ve read my blog throughout this past year- in spite of its evolution- you know it’s been a good one. I’ve grown closer to my parents and, yes, found love while living under their roof. (A story for another day.)


This year has been truly unbelievable, and, cliché though it may be, it’s taught me not to take life for granted. I know I’ll cherish the memories of the last 15 months, and I look forward to the new ones we’ll make together as time goes on.

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