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Dust to Dust to Dust

By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Dust to Dust to Dust

Standing strong with the trees

My feet firmly planted

United with nature

With a soul that is haunted

My branches turn


No longer reaching up

Seeking to return my body

To dust, to dust, to dust


Finding my place

In a new world

Will there be sunshine

And trees?

No more sorrow

No pain or disease

It is the final home

I wonder how it must be

The final resting place

With Christ eternally


To reach the final home

Must be remarkable indeed

Beauty beyond anything

The eye has yet to see

To compare to the sunset

Stretching across the sea

Or the view from the mountaintop

With its meadows, foothills and valleys


My soul may feel haunted

My branches  may turn in weakness

I am only human, but soon I will

Feel completeness

Renee Robinson

Dust to Dust to Dust


Dust to Dust to Dust


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