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Dum Dums

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Happy Wednesday!! I always like Wednesdays because I crazily think that the weekend is right around the corner.


Look at what unsuspecting mayhem was spotted on my desk………………..

I guess someone knew that cutting people is hard work and I needed a little pick-me-up.


Clearly I’m committing major hair crime today. Who ever heard of looking in the mirror before leaving the house? Not me………..

I would be lying if I said I had a strawberry Dum Dum before 10am. I’m an adult and adults don’t eat candy so early in the morning.


This picture made me lick my computer screen…. I’m pretty sure I’m off the Office Christmas Party List now.

Tell me about you!!!!!!! I want to know…………..

What is your favorite Dum Dum flavor?

I’m always to scared to try the mystery flavors. The giant yellow question marks are completely ominous.

Is it crazy cold where you are?

I’m f-f-f-freezing!

Do you count down the days to Christmas?

No……… and I wouldn’t know there are 46 days left.

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