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Dudok Apple Pie

By Olgalina

Dudok Apple Pie / Яблочный Пирог Дюдок
Happy third blogoversary to me!:) I made it until today with posting and baking and taking pictures of food... haha, can not believe it!:)
Those who tried Dutch Dudok apple pie know what I am talking's one of the best pies out there! When I found the recipe in the web there was no question that I should try it.
Dudok is a cafe brasserie chain in Holland. When we lived in Rotterdam it was one of the places we visited quite often. The atmosphere is very relaxed there and those pies are delicious! And we love apple pies:)
Thin and a bit crunchy crust and a lot of sweet and juicy apple filling!
So, here is a recipe.
300g flour
250g butter
0,5 t.s. salt
150g sugar
Mix everything might need a bit extra flour. Chill in the fridge for 30-60 minutes.
Apple filling

1.5 kg apples (sour-sweet type)
app. 150 ml apple butter (just steamed and blended apples)
large tb.s. cinnamon powder
good handful of raisins
some sugar to taste
Cut apples into chunks and place them together with sugar and cinnamon into a small pan with a little bit of water. Cook during 10 minutes approximately, until tender.
Let them cool a bit.
Take the dough out of the fridge. Grease 24cm springform and press the dough into it, creating high walls.
Transfer the apples with apple butter and raisins onto the dough.
Dudok Apple Pie / Яблочный Пирог Дюдок
Crumble dough
90g flour
40g butter
10g vanilla sugar
40g brown sugar
Mix all ingredients together. Crumble the dough onto the top of the pie.
P.S/ I used double amount of this dough.
Bake for 50 minutes at 190C. Serve chilled (better to place into the fridge for a couple of hours).
Dudok Apple Pie / Яблочный Пирог Дюдок
Dudok Apple Pie / Яблочный Пирог Дюдок
Dudok Apple Pie / Яблочный Пирог Дюдок

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