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Dual SIM Phones A Shocking Research

Posted on the 29 November 2012 by Telecolumnist @tele_columnist
I was trying to find a GSM+CDMA Dual SIM phones which should be trendy, robust a brand name but not cheap. But it landed me to do a kind of research on this and the results were surprising and an eye opener. I am sure it will make us think there are alternatives to everything and every technology has its high and low time. And this high and low matches how market react and these reactions becomes trend. But sometimes these trends, market and high low of technologies sometimes try to remodel the requirement of customers requirements more such shocks and surprises ahead.
My primary research started with town shops, handset retailers (big and small). But i soon gave up with my search as either the Dual SIM is available with GSM+GSM option or a no feature flat green red button type CDMA Single SIM phone.

Search in Online Shopping

After a big sigh and with big anticipation I moved my search online. Many reasons behind it were options are many and cheaper as compared to town counterparts also the belief of quality product is more. I browsed many online shopping sites many compare sites as well as famous blogs searching for phone in my mind.

First Shock!

The GSM and CDMA dual Sims are out of stock and it is revealed when you reach a blog site which give in-depth analysis and features of a phone which redirects it to a Mobile compare site and this mobile phone compare site makes you read 10-15 reviews and gives three four Online stores and once you decide the phone and reach the online store it says either is out of stock (What’s the point in keeping such out-of-stock products in your Shopping site). Or is available as second hand handset which you obviously dislike and come out of it.

Second Pain!!

The Mobile Handsets stating the Mobile Phone is available and has both GSM+GSM and GSM+CDMA options available makes you purchase it and after purchase confirmation you realize that the handset you ordered is GSM+GSM (Neither the confirmation nor check is there in websites to understand requirement of a customer). To make you understand the pain i made 3 wrong purchases before success.

The Success Atlast!!!

I found the handset I desire and also in my budget, features and the company brand but the pain and shock which I felt during research of Mobile phone lead me to understand these important lessons of Online Shopping.


A. Don’t refer a single Blog, market research or compare site to finalize a product, cross check with 2-3 authenticated sites which confirms the features of the said products. This saves your hassle of cancelling and chasing sellers of refunds.
B. Online Shopping sites usually keep the name of handset hash tagged with features or names or meta tags targeting wrong searches made in there websites. so beware before making a click to a prominent online store and finalizing your order. Some times I have seen Nokia Marked link of a Online store is directed to Lemon Mobile. And a CDMA+GSM Dual SIM search in a online store is giving result of a single SIM GSM Phones. beware of such Grey Hat and Black Hat SEO Techniques.
C. Don’t blindly rely on Online stores for your electronic purchase:- Once refer your town retailers for cost of the mobile phones sometimes you may get crazy deals at even your street retailers with genuine warranties or if not with either additional accessories or extended warranty which is not there online.
If you have any such experience of your requirement being remodelled by market or trouble in fulfilling your requirement while purchasing online may be it can be an eye opener for other Customers online.


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