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Dry Spell

By Elliemendz @EllieMendz
"Attraction is not a choice".- David DeAngelo
Hey everyone! It's Bree. Well, I've been going through a bit of a dating dry spell. A couple weeks ago, I was supposed to have gone on a second date with Providence. But as luck/fate would have it, he flaked out on me and said he was sick. He hasn't called or texted me ever since.  Wow, really? Why can't men just grow a pair and be honest. If he met someone else, he should have just said so.
I've been checking my online dating accounts and while I've gotten some e-mails, I haven't responded to any. Reason why- I am not attracted to any of them. There were a couple single dads who e-mailed me (sorry, but I don't mix well with kids). Some were just fugly. I just can't help it. I don't want to go out with someone that I don't find physically attractive. I did look at all the pics in the profile and read the entire profiles. Most guys appear to want some outdoorsy sports fanatic/gym rat that they can pound beers with. That is definitely NOT me.
I guess I will be taking this "time off" to focus my energies elsewhere. Maybe I'll get to writing my short story after all.
Take care. Cheers!

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