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Drooling Over Jewellery!

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
Hey guys!
 Just forewarning, this is a pretty picture heavy post!  Drooling over jewellery! I received a lovely tweet earlier today from @Azure_Boutique complimenting a dress from one of my earlier posts 'Visa Versa' I'd posted on twitter. I had a little snoop at their profile & ended up spending a fair while drooling over their handmade jewellery! Seriously guys, they have some absolutely stunning pieces! I know I jabber on constantly about the likes of River Island collections & Kandee Shoes a lot but I can feel a whole new obsession coming on!
  Drooling over jewellery!  Handmade stretch blue cross beaded bracelet £3.50   Drooling over jewellery! Beautiful bronze necklace with colourful peacock charm  £6    Drooling over jewellery!  Elephant 4 in 1 Rings £4   Drooling over jewellery!  Handmade silver hand chain with blue pendant £4   Drooling over jewellery! Handmade silver ring chain with heart charms £4    Drooling over jewellery!  Spiked chain bracelet £4
Drooling over jewellery! Handmade bronze hand chain with dangling bronze bead charms £4    Drooling over jewellery! Wish bottle necklace £5    The pieces on the online boutique are really reasonably priced & I know for a fact I could spend some serious wonga on there (probably buying the whole store if I could afford it) but I'm unfortunately still waiting for my student loan to come in! - Yep. I still haven't received a penny (The 3rd year they've fluffed up my application) -sad face- So it pains me but I'll have to wait a few weeks before I can snap up a few of my favourites and I think the blue pendant hand chain & the  wish bottle necklace will be my first buys. But that doesn't mean you have to wait as well haha, get onto Azure Boutique & bag yourself a bargain!
PLUS for a limited time only all jewelry is on offer 5 for £20 so what are you waiting for? grab your favourites before they go!    So which piece is your favourite? & guess what guys... Azure Boutique have kindly gifted me a little something to include in my 10k views giveaway!! - Don't forget to vote on my 10,000 views giveaway poll too
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Drooling over jewellery!  

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