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Drizzle Combe

By Undercurtain
One of the most spectacular antiquities on Dartmoor, Drizzle Combe, or Ditsworthy Warren as it's also called, boasts a collection of three stone rows each terminated by sizable menhirs at the south western end and cist burials at the north eastern. The site sits on the downward slope of Higher Hartor Tor with the Plym Valley failing away to the east. Above the stone rows are four enclosed settlements and around it are numerous burial sites including the Giants Basin Cairn.
Utilising a bit of software I recently discovered on the net, I can say with confidence that all three stone rows don't quite line up with the sunset position on the shortest day. At least not as the sun set would appear on a flat horizon. Given a viewing angle standing on each of the cist burials and aligning with the sun setting behind Eastern Tor may, however, provide a better alignment on that day.
There is, or at least there was today, a certain atmosphere around the site. Perhaps this was aided by the low clouds and consequent mist, but there was a definite sense of melancholy.
With the help of a willing aid, you get a sense of the enormity.
Drizzle Combe
Drizzle Combe
Drizzle Combe
A place to visit again.

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