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Drivers Like GPS Tracking? No, They Love It!

Posted on the 17 August 2012 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics
In order to get some more unique and interesting content on our blog, we recently announced a bi-monthly blogging contest to all FleetMatics employees. We’re thrilled by the response and hope our readers will enjoy new and fresh perspectives from different roles within the organization.
Our first blog post comes from Jessica Maher, one of our Customer Experience representatives out of our Rolling Meadows, IL office.

Drivers Like GPS Tracking? No, They Love It!I’ve worked with our existing customer base for over two years now.  For the most part, I speak to business owners and help them use FleetMatics to its fullest potential.  On several occasions, I remember speaking to owners of companies who mentioned that their drivers loved having the GPS tracking in their vehicles.  Honestly, I was a little shocked.  Typically, it’s the owners who love having GPS tracking.  It gives them visibility into their mobile workforce and best of all, some peace of mind.  But what do drivers enjoy? The feeling of being watched?  No, that’s not it at all.

Drivers face many of the same problems that people back at the office do.  There can be customer disputes in regards to hours worked, travel time, late arrivals, and whether the driver showed up to complete the service or not.  FleetMatics helps with these customer discrepancies. The driver can even use the FleetMatics mobile app to pull up a report on his phone and show the customer the accurate information right then and there.

Drivers love having the proof that they did their job and did it correctly.  Not to mention, if a driver gets paid per job, they’re reassured they aren’t missing anything on their paychecks.  It’s all on available on FleetMatics’ Time Cards and Hours Worked reports.  Without FleetMatics, the drivers risked losing credibility or even pay.

With GPS tracking, the drivers aren’t distracted by supervisors’ phone calls wondering where they’re at.  No more, “Where are you?  How far are you from the next job?  Where’s that?  Wait, let me call every other driver in the fleet to find out who’s closest!”  FleetMatics answers all of those questions and more, and the drivers aren’t bombarded with questions from their bosses.  Just like the business owners, FleetMatics gives the drivers some peace of mind, too.

Written By Jessica Maher

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