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Drive Your Way to Safety

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
Drive your way to Safety
Personally, am too fond of driving and for obvious reasons this has become an inseparable part of my life as I drive to and from Gurgaon, which is about 60 kms(~35 miles) from where I stay – Every F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G day.
On any given normal day you are bound to encounter at least one crashed vehicle, irrespective of the magnitude of damage, you’ll surely find at least one. Based on my daily observations, enumerated below are a set of six things which if avoided can certainly help reduce such scenes on the road and thereby making them a better place.
  • Phones: You can’t control all those beautiful and not so beautiful women out there nor those handsome guys around(for all you beautiful ladies). But you can definitely avoid your cellphone. Statistics reveal smartphones related accidents are increasing by the day. And trust me these phones are smart enough not to let your messages vanish in the air and keep the call details if missed. So avoid using the phone while driving.
  • Drunken Driving: Once again the most common reason for chaos on road. Being drunk and driving, no ways certify you are a great driver. All it certifies is you are a callous human being. Be responsible if not towards yourself towards the people on the road at least.
  • Being a Spectator: This is the funniest thing that you get to see on road. When you don’t intend to help, how will it make a difference slowing down and looking out of your window trying to manipulate “What could have been the reason for that accident on roadside”. Rather concentrate on your vehicle, you might just end up giving the same breed of spectators two reasons to ponder about.
  • Driving too slow: Traffic hours is no time to learn/practice driving. If you aren’t confident enough to maintain the minimum basic speed of 50-60kph on a clean road, better stay off it during peak hours. You are just adding to the agony of those already suffering on the road.
  • Smelling the bum: One of the prime reasons for most deformed bumpers, broken fog lamps and twisted front grills. Let your car breathe fresh air than the exhaust of the car ahead of you, driving too close will only reduce the time you have to react. I read somewhere, if while passing a static object the time difference between you and car ahead of you is less than 3 seconds you are too close. Make that six in bad weather.
  • Zooming at the sight of green: Will the real Usain Bolt please stand up!!! Traffic signals are no sprint races that you have to zoom at the very moment the starter pistol is fired. Be a bit more watchful as you move off a traffic signal. For this one point, you can safely assume all others on the road to be idiots who might not be following the signal properly.

Even after all of the above if you happen to bang your vehicle, fighting on the road won’t get that dent off your car. Trust me it wouldn’t but your insurance company and service guy might certainly be of help. So just LET GOOOOO GUYS ('n GALS ;-)).
Today's guest post is brought to you by my friend Mayank. He sure has a great sense of humor, and loves to sing and write. He loves to drive, as he already told you. Welcome Mayank, to AllThingsSixx! 
Every Sunday, the forum is open for you all to share your views to the rest of the world through this blog. The arena is unlimited, the theme similar - anything that touches you, and can help someone else, in six points should make up a post. I will look forward to your emails to keep the guest series going.
Drive your way to Safety

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