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Dressing Up

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Do you dress in costumes when you run? I don’t. As appealing as it sounds to run a marathon dressed as a condom or a hotdog (or a condom over a hotdog), I find it hard enough to just finish races without carrying a lot of extra crap around in the form of a costume.

Dressing Up

But, Memorial Day is the Bolder Boulder 10K. We always run it as a family. Well – we split up and each take a kid. Emma wants to dress up. No not as a condom - I do have some parental standards. I decided we could do the old “tutu” thing because it is classy and no at all overdone (insert sarcasm). Plus, it is easy.

Being an over achieving mother, I thought I could make the tutu costumes. Actually, it has nothing to do with over achieving and everything to do with not wanting to buy them (cheap ass!) and having put things off to the last minute (procrastinating cheap ass!).

Mind you, I don't own a sewing machine and am not much a sewer. Which is weird because my mom used to make all of my clothes and she is still an amazing seamstress. I prefer to buy cheap clothes made by child laborers or to hem my own clothes with glue and staples.

Anyway, guess what? There is actually a way to make a tutu that requires no sewing. Or glue. Or staples. Check it out:

I am not promising I will actually be productive enough to go buy the fabric and sit down and do this, but I have the best of intentions. 

While writing this, I found myself wondering what some of the best costumes are that people have actually worn for marathons…Here are a few of my faves:

Rhino – This guy should win the whole race just for wearing this piece of crap for 26.2 miles. I bet Lance Armstrong couldn’t do that, unless he…well, never mind. Don’t want to get into a doping conversation.  (NYC Marathon, 2011).

Dressing Up

Jesus. Running a marathon really is a cross to bear. (Tokyo Marathon, 2011).

Dressing Up

Camel. This is just not efficient in any way, shape or form. Plus the rear hump is heel striking and over striding (London Marathon, 2010).

The Most Excellent Costumes at 2010 London Marathon (42 pics)

Whoopee Cushion. This makes a hell of a lot of sense. You have full permission to thunderously fart your way through 26.2 miles. It is part of your costume, it’s strongly encouraged (London Marathon, 2010).

The Most Excellent Costumes at 2010 London Marathon (42 pics)

Do you ever run in costume?

What’s the best one you’ve ever seen out there? My favorite was this one seen at the Boston Marathon in 2011. I swear it’s not me.



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