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Dress Shirts / Shirt-Dress

By Trendrighter @trendrighter
After flipping through my People: Style Watch February 2012 issue; Immediately this trend made me think of this childhood classic poem from Shel Silverstein. I hope it tickles your funny-bone like it did mine.
Dress Shirts / Shirt-Dress
It's been said that I might dress too modestly at times, its possible that it is true. But you are comparing me to my surroundings, I live smack dab in the middle of Whore Village. Yes, even the men dress sluttier than the women in my neck of the woods. Welcome to West Hollywood California! Where botox and implants are almost as mandatory as wearing shoes. So forgive me for keeping it classy and leaveing something for the imagination. I think moderation and class goes a lot further than a mini skirt with no panties (Thank you Britney Spears). 
So this should not come as a surprise, that I think this trend should be dealt with carefully. Please, people... if it looks like you forgot your pants. Then thats all that we will see
These are some looks from the Runway
Dress Shirts / Shirt-Dress
The above would run you about $400.00 each, plus shipping and tax... no thank you!  
Looks from the Cheepway
Dress Shirts / Shirt-Dress for $110.00 click hereGo with a black flat healed boot, or wear over your swim suit with a strappy flat. Add a couple hits of gold in your accessories for polished look. 
Dress Shirts / Shirt-DressOn Sale at Forever21 for $15.99 click hereThis would look great with neon accessories and a black strappy heal. Or go for a natural look with a double wrap brown leather belt at the waist with a brown low healed boot.Try and stay away from looking like you are on safari: this silo and animal prints are not a good look.
Dress Shirts / Shirt-DressAsos for $50.90 click hereThis is a lot like the Mason (blue one above) I like the length here for more of a spring evening and is work appropriate with a blazer. 
Dress Shirts / Shirt-DressAsos on sale for $105.44This is THE color for spring 2012. Mint green is a great trans color form winter to spring, heck this would look great into fall of 2012. Pair with boots, booties, belt, don't belt, add leggings. This is my favorite and probably the most versatile. Add hits of neon here too. 
There is also something to be said for a DIY option in this category; only shorter gals should to try this. I already pulled out from his side of the closet a shirt from his "bigger" days that I thought... "Oh I could cut the sleeves off and hem them back with a cute toggle or nautical buttons". But alas, my legs are far longer then I would like, I would look like a tramp... unless I wear shorts or leggings??? Humm, I will report back on this craft I may or may not take on. 
By the way: I highly recommend getting the issue People: Style Report February issue. There is a TON of great finds for under $99.00 and they really are great finds! 

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