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Dream - American Widwest - Cyber Train Disaster

By Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
dream - american widwest - cyber train disasterSetting: Apache country, or the American midwest.
A train approaches a Buffer Stop, the barrier installed at the end of a dead end track to prevent rail vehicles from proceeding further, and continues to smash right through it. Right in front of me. The train nearly kills me but I side-step to the right and just get hit on the left upper arm by the shattering Buffer Stop. The train ploughs on through a bricked up wall into an old tunnel. Again, same as the circular aperture in the road in the airforce Air Force One down in City of London dream.
My arm really hurt, and above me two more trains chased each other into another tunnel at insane speed. I got the impression that this was happening ALL OVER THE WORLD at the same time. Like some kind of global cyber false flag.

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