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By Babyjandbean
I made a quick run to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's last night and this is what I came home to:
Baby J was passed out on the couch. That never happens. He's not like other kids. He doesn't play so hard that he passes out. He doesn't sleep in the car or fall asleep watching TV. He ONLY sleeps in his bed. So why was this child sleeping peacefully on my couch?
Well, it's all due to diaper drama. We are still living in potty training h*ll. No, my three-year old child is not completely potty trained yet. And I'm ok with that. Kind of. He has #1 down to a science, at least during waking hours but he is having a tremendously difficult time with #2.  For the longest time, he didn't care if he went in his pants, but just recently decided that he doesn't like that sensation. Who would? But he is still terrified to go in the potty. So, he has been staging a potty stand-off.
Baby J has spent most of the week dancing around the house crying and saying that his bum hurts and he's afraid to poop. We tried letting him go in underpants. We tried letting him go in diapers. We tried getting him to go in the potty. He just didn't want to do it. We've tried adding fiber and lots of water to his diet. He won't drink juice. Warm baths, dance parties, you name it. By yesterday, his discomfort had reached the point that it was affecting his sleep and eating.
He had preschool in the morning and usually naps pretty well on school days. Not yesterday. He rolled around in bed and cried about hurting. When he got up, he danced around his room, walking backwards with his hand on his bottom. Still refusing to go with any of the options presented. He didn't eat much for lunch or dinner. The diaper drama had reached a fevered pitch.
When I was out at the store, I started thinking about calling the pediatrician in the morning to talk about anything I can give him to help him out. And then, as I was getting in to my car, I had a picture show up on my phone. It's not one that I can post here. I laughed so hard I cried and then realized that I was crying tears of relief. The diaper drama was over, at least for the day.
When I walked in to the house, I was loudly congratulating Baby J until I realized that he was sound asleep on the couch. His daddy got him dressed and carried him up to bed all without waking him and he slept until 8 this morning. That has never happened before. I guess he was quite literally pooped out!

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