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Dragging My Feet

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

I don’t know what the deal is. This morning I’m not in a bubbly chipper mood. I’m really happy I’m all done with school and everything but I’m still really exhausted. This summer I’m working at the local children’s theater as a Group Leader. A group leader takes a specific group (like the munchkins, the oz people, the flying monkeys) from workshop to workshop during the three week camp. At the end of the camp the kids put on Wizard of Oz show for three weekends. I’m really excited to do it because it will be tons of fun and a great way to make a little money for the summer.

Today I have a meeting at the theater to learn all the stuff I need to know to group lead the kids but the meeting lasts for 4 hours and it’s kinda pushing me over the edge. I really just wanted to relax, do some laundry and clean up my room today. I think I really am tired because this isn’t a big deal. But we feel how we feel for a reason, right?


I made a Long and Lean open-faced breakfast sandwich.




total: 410 calories.

When I was getting ready to fry my eggs I took two out of the carton and look…


These are the eggs.


Extra Large Eggs, haha. Now look at the two eggs I used this morning.


They make me laugh. The one on the right is so small. Like a mini egg.


Jaemen and I skipped our planned workout yesterday because of my finals. I needed the study time in the morning and it didn’t fit into the schedule to do it later in the evening, but we’re  hitting the pavement this morning. He’s actually waiting for me to get ready…


We’re doing the C25k week 1 day 2 today.

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