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Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Toothpaste

By Kali Jay @chicmeparis

Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Toothpaste
Oh My, this girl is running out of subjects! Lol, not at all. I just believe this simple organic toothpaste is worth talking about. Dr Organic is a very interesting brand, with a wide range of natural skincare products, it deserves to be on the news ;) 
So why taking the trouble to make a whole post for a humble toothpaste? 
Ignorance is a bad beast, they are trying to poison us with whatever means and we let them do it, plus we pay for it. I don't intend to be a preacher, but let's face the facts: an average person pays more attention to the composition of his/her new designer shirt than to the ingredients of his/her food or personal care products. This is a huge problem and it's the fertile field to let big corporations make their own business undisturbed. Talking about toothpastes, they have been adding very harmful ingredients, that probably lead to the desired effect (whiter and cleaner teeth primarily) but are very dangerous substances, so on the long term the game is not worth the candle. 
Among the worst ingredients, here we have some that are found in many average drugstore toothpastes: 
- SODIUM FLUORIDE: it is claimed to build strong and healthy teeth, so it's the most famous ingredient against tooth decay. Do you know it is a by-product of aluminum factory and it is found in pesticides and rat poisons? It is a poison to all intents and purposes, still added to US tap water to ensure every american citizen is able to flaunt his/her bright smile. Oh come on! 
- TRICLOSAN: used for its anti-bacterial properties, it is another pesticide. It is a chlorophenol, which is a chemical suspected to cause cancer. 
- SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE: it is added as a cleansing agent, it has several health risks: it primarily irritates skin and accumulates in the heart, liver, lungs and brain. 
- DEA: it is a foaming agent which disrupts hormones and forms nitrates that are known to cause cancer in humans. 
- PROPYLENE GLYCOL: acts as a surfactant, it is quickly absorbed by the skin and could lead to brain, kidney and liver abnormalities. 
These were the most famous bad guys found in toothpastes all around the globe. Are you still thinking you don't need to take a look at your toothpaste ingredients? 
One of the first impressions people have when they switch to organic toothpastes is the feeling they don't cleanse enough, mainly because they don't foam much. You have to get rid of this stereotype: foaming doesn't mean effective cleansing and generally speaking products that foam a lot are way too aggressive for personal care. Keep it in mind. 
Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Toothpaste

Why do I like Dr Organic Toothpaste so much? First the taste: it has a delicate mint flavour, nothing too exaggerate to lead to weeping eyes :) 

Then the consistence: it is a transparent gel, much more desirable than those white thick pastes that you find everywhere. 
Finally its effectiveness: it evidently whitens your teeth and soothes irritated gums (they look so cutely pinkish like everyone should have). 
Last but not least its ingredients: it's a perfect blend of vegetal extracts created to protect your whole mouth while cleansing. Among the actives we have Silica, which is a natural whitener (it might be dangerous if inhaled, but in this form is safe, playing a delicate abrasive role); Horse Chestnut, which is usually used as a skin conditioner, in this case it's used to protect gums and maintain their health; 
Aloe Vera Gel, which doesn't need any further introduction, in this case it has been included in the formula to sooth any irritation. 

Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Toothpaste

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