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Doubting and Denial

By Survivingana @survivingana

In response to many things I have read on my different blogs let me say again “You are not your eating disorder and the eating disorder is not you“. The thoughts and feelings you have when in the clutches of an eating disorder are the ED itself. It is a parasite if you like, that takes you thoughts, feelings, individuality, personality and crushes underneath it. So it demands that you doubt, deny and lose hope. Until you finally realize that you are a separate being to the eating disorder then you cannot learn to fight back. You and the eating disorder are not one, but two separate beings and you can overcome it. But until you do, the eating disorder will:

  • convince you that you can’t recover
  • convince you that FULL recovery is a myth or not for you
  • tell you that you will never break free
  • tell you that death would be better (SO WRONG!!!)
  • convince you that you are hopeless
  • convince you that you are worthless
  • convince you that you can’t trust anyone
  • that you are unlovable
  • that no one cares
  • tell you that you are alone in this
  • tell you there is no future without the eating disorder
  • convince you that you don’t even have a problem
  • tell you that you are undeserving of recovery
  • tell you, you deserve pain and misery

See where this is leading. It means that when you read stories of hope and recovery, of life and living after an eating disorder, the ED will deny or find some excuse why you can never reach those goals. Turn the negatives into positives. Learn to turn on your own voice and turn off the ED voice. Learn that you and IT are separate.

eating disorder hope

eating disorder hope

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