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Double Peplum

By Wickedying @wickedying


Look of the Day – Hello hello wicked people! Long time no post. Hehee! I went MIA for a while because I had a ton of stuff to do the past few days. Whew! All is well now and I’m back to blogging. Did I miss anything?!

Embroidered peplum top and black peplum shorts, PINKaholic. Accessories, from my mom. Gold/pink wedges, Fancy Feet.



I know everybody got kinda busy during the Valentines Day heyday so I did not bother to post and publish. Anyway, back to my LOTD, my black peplum shorts are making a comeback. However, it is not as visible as my previous look wearing them. I wore them simply because I wanted my white embroidered blouse to have an extra poof. Thus, I named the look Double Peplum. Has anyone tried peplum on peplum yet?!



The embroidery and the puffed sleeves on my blouse made me somewhat hesitant to wear them out. It doesn’t look “daily wear” to me. At one point when I attempted to do so, boyf even said I looked like I was about to attend a baptismal or christening event. Ninang levels daw! So, this piece never saw the daylight again until now. But it is just for this look though. Lol! 





While it makes everything extra girly, I made sure to go girly all the way by taking my new shoes out for a spin. It’s about time to show off these pretty pink kicks that I got for free. It’s one of the Christmas presents I got last year. Thank you Fancy Feet for sending me these wedges! Can’t wait to go home tonight because another package has arrived. Clue? Sneaker wedges!


Ending this post in an untimely manner, I have had this draft pending for more than 3 hours already. The 3-hour blackout is to blame. I’ve heard it’s going to be scheduled on a regular basis. I mean common, who schedules blackouts? And for what purpose exactly? Whatever the reason is, I deem it is invalid. There’s nothing Butuan can do but heave a sigh. 

Stay wicked!


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