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Double Jack and Diets

By The Dating Diaries @The_DatingDiaries


So after an epic Saturday night with great friends there is nothing better than a good sunday funday. Our Sunday Funday started out innocently enough brunch and a couple bloody marys some how turned into double jack and diets. Now there are a couple reason I don’t normally drink whiskey; 1. I get emotional 2. I get super hammered. Both of these things happened this sunday.

After a couple jacks I felt the need to call my ex and pour out my feelings. Mine you we had probably one of the worst break ups of my life. We dated for the better part of 3 years, broke up for a year and this past year tried it again but I just couldn’t ever get my shit together to make it work. We are in two different parts of our lives. The only problem is I’m still and always will be head over heels in love with them. Sober I would never admit this but sunday I did. I sat outside the bar crying and telling them I loved them and missed them…. classy I know. Thankfully I have a good friend who decided it was time to take my phone away. Thank god for sunglasses I put them back on and went back to my friends like nothing had happened.

When I get back to the table though guess who is sitting there…. Mr. Bad News from months ago!! I haven’t seen him since Halloween night when I was dressed like Tom Cruise from Risky Business and we fucked all over his house. I’m talking crazy drunk sex all over his house. So crazy I managed to lose my silver Michael Kors watch somewhere. For moths I have been asking for it back and he never had time to meet me with it. Of course he doesn’t have time to see me after I tell him I ‘m not going to hook up with him anymore…. Typical guy. And to add insult to injury one of my friends (the one who slept with Mr. Off Limits’s room mate saturday night) and Mr. Bad News use to have a pretty serious thing about a year ago and she to this day doesn’t know him and I hooked up this fall. Yep I’m a horrible friend I know! In my defense thats why I called it off after Halloween because he didn’t tell her.

Ok so if you are completely confused I’m sorry let me try to recap… I’m hammered off whiskey with a group of friends, I’ve poured my heart out to my ex and now an ex fling is sitting at our table with his ex girlfriend/best friend who knows nothing about our said fling…

I go give him a hug and say hi and he hugs me back and hands me my watch! I go back to my side of the table and sit down and I’m sitting diagonal from him. I look up a couple times and he winks at me not once but several times, WTF. Even my friend to my right saw him do it. Dude your girl and my friend are sitting next to you!! I ignore him and then I check my phone because Mr. Off Limits is coming to pick me up and I had a text from Mr. Bad News had texted me saying he was jealous of the guy picking me up! Now I’m seriously fucking confused! Mr. Bad news hasn’t talked to me in months and the first time I see him he pulls this shit! Thankfully Mr. Off Limits showed up a few mins later to take my hammered ass home. And thats pretty much my last full memory sunday the next thing I know its 7am and I’m waking up in Mr. Off Limits bed (fully dressed). Talk about one hell of a Sunday Funday

I guess I should come up with a new name for him now because he isn’t so Off Limits anymore.

Double Jack and Diets

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