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Double Dipping

By The Dating Diaries @The_DatingDiaries

LONG TIME NO TALK! Sorry I’ve been stupid busy lately now that the weather is warming up and Cali boy and I have been “dating”. I will back track and tell you all about our first couple months here soon but right now I need to get something else off my chest..

Do you believe in fate? Mr. Cali boy and I have been doing great but then over my birthday weekend I ran into someone I had a thing for almost a year ago. Lets call  him Mr. Whitewater, he does whitewater kayaking and rafting. Well I ran into him about a week ago and we just instantly hit it off. Even one of my best friends was like damn I don’t even see a connection like that between you and Mr. Cali Boy… That means something right? I let Mr. Whitewater take me on a date this past Saturday. First of all he didn’t tell me where we ere going all he said was wear shoes you can walk in. He comes to pick me up Saturday morning and we start driving. The conversation was easy there were never any awkward moments or anything. Fast forward almost 2 hours and we are pulling up to the Zoo. I have to give it to him that was a creative first date. He had talk to my good friend and she told him that  I was really into animals and liked being outside. It was so cute we walked the whole zoo holding hands and laughing and joking. He even bought me a cheesy polar bear stuff animal because I said it was my favorite animal. I will admit this was one of the best first dates I’ve been on.

Side note: Mr. Cali Boy has only taken me on one date… ever.

Its not really about going on dates but it the thought. Mr. Whitewater actually put thought into that date and the date I went on with Mr. Cali Boy I planned. I might sound like a brat right now but I’m not trying to. Its weird Ive been seeing Mr. Cali Boy for several months now and I thought he was perfect but then I run into Mr. Whitewater and I’m starting to question everything with Mr. Cali Boy. Mr. Whitewater says all the right things and normally I would just roll my eyes and not take any of it to heart but I can tell he means it when he tells me I look beautiful with no make up or that I’m perfect. Mr. Cali Boy has never said that stuff to me. Well thats not true I got a little drunk a couple weeks ago and decided that would be a good time to sit down and tell him I wasn’t ok with how things were with us. Even My friends were starting to notice the little things. Like that he (Mr. Cali Boy) always expects me to pick up the bill when we go out. Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those girls that expects a guy to pay every time or even most of the time but when you run up my bar tab and then just expect me to cover it well we might have a problem. And my birthday just pasted and everyone asked me what Mr. Cali boy did for me and I said nothing. I didn’t expect him to do anything big but I thought maybe just maybe he would do something small and special. I pretended it didn’t bother me but it did a little. Does that make me shallow?

I was starting to question things with Mr. Cali Boy before I ran into Mr. Whitewater but now I’m seriously questioning things. I don’t know what to do. Mr. Cali Boy really is a good guy and so is Mr. Whitewater but I son’t know what to do. I am currently sneaking around and Seeing Mr. Whitewater on the side. We haven’t done anything I just really enjoy hanging out with him. He is adventurous and spontaneous, he is about to become an EMT as well. He wants to teach me to do things I have never done and he wants to push me outside of my comfort zone. Mr. Cali Boy doesn’t want to do those things he is content sitting on the couch watching TV all day. I stopped working out and eating healthy when I started dating him because he never wanted to do any of that. Did I compromise myself to be with him? HELP!


Double Dipping

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