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Doodle Lettering

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Doodle LetteringThere are some really cool new paper-like products out these days. I found YUPO at, which looks like vellum but feels like plastic. It's great to paint on or trace with markers.1. Give the students a letter-size paper to make a practice drawing on. They should start by drawing large stick letters for their name, and then trace around those lines to make block letters. The inside stick letters may then be erased. Show the students how to draw one continuous line around the block letters, following the shapes somewhat as they go. "Bubbles" are drawn around the outside, some large and some small, and some may overlap each other. Lastly, the students are to draw swirls and curves inside each "bubble".
2. Once the pencil drawing is complete, the students place a matching size piece of Yupo on top and trace all the lines with a black Sharpie. Once traced, the shapes may be colored in with lots of other Sharpie markers.

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