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Dont Run. Bolt With FAAS 200 & 250

By Barefootdaves
Dont Run.  Bolt With FAAS 200 & 250 PUMA Time celebrated the Olympic Season with the introduction of the new FAAS running watch collection. “Faas” (“fast” in Jamaican) makes reference to the PUMA apparel and footwear line and the long lasting relationship the Brand has with the Track & Field Jamaican Federation
Keep track of your fastest times with the lightweight Faas 200/250 performance watch. It has a 10 lap memory as well as countdown timer. Not to mention that it's ultra slim, and engineered for comfort and breathability with its perforated strap. Press start and start bolting
PUMA Time new Faas watches bring the joy back into running thanks to their striking color range, increased lightness and breathability of the bracelet along with some ‘check-me-out’ designs. PUMA’s “Faas” Spring/Summer 2012 Chronograph Collection features modern silhouettes with excellent lap and split time measurement and memory capabilities
The Faas 200 presents a contemporary round face for men, and the Faas 250, a sleek ovoid face for women. Both Faas ranges come in an extraordinary array of “color blocked” palettes, ranging from minimalist taupes and greys to on trend lemon yellows, optic bright whites and saturated blues and violets
Large displays allow for easy reading at practice or play. The super slim silhouettes, at just 9.6 mm, virtually mimic the actual Olympic and World record in the 100 meters. Specialized features include chronograph with 10 lap memory, timer with count-down stop, repeat and up functions, hourly chime signal, dual daily alarms, auto-calendar and EL backlight

Dont Run.  Bolt With FAAS 200 & 250

Available at the PUMA Time kiosk in SM Megamall, Timegear, and L Timestudio boutiques. SRP PHP2,850

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