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Don’t Waste Time! Here’s How To Create Captivating Marketing Emails

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by Adeyemiadisa @adeyemiadisa

Don’t Waste Time! Here’s How To Create Captivating Marketing EmailsCaptivating marketing emails give you the opportunity to communicate as well as to build relationships with your recipients.

Marketing emails are essential elements of any marketing strategy as they enable you to gather important data, and help boost marketing ROI.

According to the Radicati Group, the average worker now receives at least, 78 emails daily — of which about 64% are legitimate.

A performing or successful email marketing campaign can bring tremendous return on investment as compared with traditional advertising and promotional means.

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If email is your only marketing tool or the only tool you use to market to potential clients, then you need to learn how to create catchy, eye pulling and intriguing emails — and not just emails that end up in spam folders.

Below are 6 effective email tips for creating captivating and strong marketing emails:

1.) Don’t Use A Pen Name

According to a recent report I read by social media director, he said: “So many times I receive emails from companies with the same tired subject line and a ‘From’ line with the marketing department of some brand name”.

I wrote an email series for an information product I’m promoting, and I forgot to use my real name and used my pen name instead, earlier that night, I didn’t even bother to check the number of people that opened my email because, I used a brand name instead, of my real name”

Here’s a word of advice:
Change your “from” line to your name, or name of a trusted staff in your company. It gives your email a personal touch, and it makes it less robotic.

2.) Don’t Sound Like A Robot

Do you recall the last spam email with the word “free” that ended up in your junk filter? If your email looks anything like it, recipients will delete it instantly! Avoid using words like “free”, make $200,000 with this email’’ and stuffs like that.

In fact, avoid using sales language—it could trigger a spam filter.

Pro tip:
I just deleted a spam email now!

3.) Give Freebies… People Love Free Things

We all love free things. I do. In fact, I enjoy getting quality things for free.

If you want to boost your email click through rate, then offer something of value at no cost. Give away a free Ebook, sponsor an event, or even a free webinar!

Remember, even the smallest gift you give will leave a stamp on the minds of your recipients.

Just like Frederickson (an email specialist) will say, “Take your brand to the next level by pushing content that people look forward to receiving. If you can teach, inform, or inspire in an email, you won’t need to pitch your product”.

Offer value, and your leads will increase! It’s a marketing law that works at all times.

3.) Don’t Sell The First Time — Don’t Be A Hard Seller!

The reason why some online business owners can never convert their subscribers into loyal customers is because they close the sale in their first message.

Don’t sell the first time.
Start by introducing yourself, what you do, and where you live (optional); try to be as personal as possible. Then include a soft call to action and thank them for joining your email list.

If you do this, they’d become loyal subscribers

3.) Optimize Your Email Messages For Mobile Devices

42 percent of emails are now opened with mobile devices like android and smart phones. If your email messages are not well optimized for mobile, then you’re missing out… BIG TIME!

If your email is not optimized via email, get it optimized. Do all you can to ensure your email subscribers view your emails via mobile.

Tip: Don’t include images in your email messages; they take time to load, and moreover, they’re hard to read on mobile devices

3.) Target A Not B—Target Your Niche

Put yourself in the shoe the reader and ask yourself this question: What would make me open this email?

Don’t send general emails to your subscribers. Send only targeted emails. Just like a famous email market expert would say,

“Selling tornado insurance to folks in California doesn’t make much sense, but selling earthquake insurance does. Put yourself in the shoes of your reader and ask, ‘What would make me open, read, and click this email?’Chances are, if it’s relevant you’ll have success.”

Email Marketing Take Away!

Hope you enjoyed this post? How do you create strong marketing emails? I’ll love to have your thoughts and views on this!

See you around.


This is a guest post by Patrick Haggens

Patrick is the senior news writer and tech junkie at a leading mobile phone comparison site.

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