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Don’t Turn Into the Crypt Keeper Waiting On The Perfect Partner

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Don’t Turn Into the Crypt Keeper Waiting On The Perfect PartnerLet’s face it! Perfect does not exist in any shape form or fashion. Some of us get into the habit of waiting on the perfect mate before we actually start to live our lives. This reminds me of a conversation I had with a woman a few months ago while coming home from work. I swear I meet some of the most interesting people during my 20 minute bus ride every day. Anyway, out of the blue, she started up a conversation with me about how she’s waiting on the perfect man to lavish her with gifts because some things a woman shouldn’t have to buy for herself. Ok lady, now I’m interested (raised eyebrow) so of course I asked her, “what things are you referring to” and she responded “oh, fur coats, jewelry, a car! My response, after I stopped laughing was “good luck with that”!

In reality, I know some people who won’t go certain places or won’t buy themselves certain things because of their single status. I got 4 words to say ……that’s a damn shame. Life doesn’t slow down because you’re single. Actually, life could care less, it keeps going, going, and going while you’re waiting. You wake up one day and realize that life has passed you by and you are now the cryptkeeper or at least halfway there. Think about it, how many times have we put off doing something because it was never a perfect time? Finally, you realized there would never be a perfect time, so you did it anyway and guess what, it worked out!

We should not depend on anybody to validate us, treat us right, buy us stuff, and go places with us. We should already be out living the best life we could no matter what our current relationship status is. In fact, you’re more inclined to meet somebody if you’re out living versus sitting at home with the TV remote and double fudge ice cream (uh, haven’t you heard of an invention called a DVR). I do understand that having a partner to do different things with and having someone surprising you with gifts is fun; it makes you feel special. Hell, I miss those days all the time, but do I forgo going on vacation or buying nice things for myself because I don’t have one at the moment….HELL NO! Treat yourself well and others will follow, live a good life and others will want to be like you, respect yourself and others will respect you. Make yourself feel special; nobody deserves your love more than you. Waiting should never be an option!

Don’t Turn Into the Crypt Keeper Waiting On The Perfect Partner

Don’t sit around waiting on the perfect person and don’t dwell on being single. The perfect man or woman does not exist. You will hit a dead end every time waiting for perfection. There is no perfect relationship, marriage, partnership or anything else. The only thing that exists is a person who will meet most of your needs and if you’re open you’ll learn to see that imperfect person perfectly. That’s the best we can hope for. As for the lady on the bus, I would love to know where she intends to find someone to buy her coats, cars, and jewelry because material possessions does not equal the perfect mate. That’ll be our secret!


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