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Don't Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
Don't Lose Your Mind Lose Your WeightThe author, Rujuta (Ru from here on) claims to be the consultant for Anil Ambani and Kareena Kapoor amongst many others, and motivates people to move towards a healthier lifestyle in general and thus get fit. 
The book is a very simple read, and is quite practical. The author acknowledges that cooking in an average Indian household has reduced owing to fast lifestyles, and people rely of off the shelf food for most of the weekdays. 
She ridicules all most of the diet programs ever heard of, and says that eating everything, but at a right time and in the right quantity is the first step to fitness.
  • Food - Eat everything that your genes have been accustomed to since childhood. Ru says that day should be a mix of both heavy and light meals, from morning to evening.
  • Timing - Eat something within 10 minutes of waking up, and have a hearty breakfast one hour later. This, as most of us by now know, is because there is a drop in the insulin level in blood as the body has already been starving for many hours. Ru says it is important to have something to eat every two hours(keeps your brain active), and water throughout the day.
  • The Dessert - Yes, she advocates it. But not with a meal or after it. Ru asks you to eat a dessert like a small meal in between two big meals, and restrict the frequency to once a week.
  • Quantity - Because your stomach is about the size of your hands cupped together, the maximum size of a one-time serving should be just as much. Makes sense.
  • Procedure -  When having a meal, start with a glass of water. Eat cross legged or at least with legs raised (to let blood flow to your stomach to aid digestion). Eat slowly - to ensure optimum speed, don’t prepare the next bite before you have swallowed the previous one. 
  • Exercise - There is no substitute for physical activity and exercise. Ru asks you to make it a no-compromises aspect of your life. She adds that within 20 minutes post exercise, you should have something to eat.
Other than these main tips, there are various other interesting things like managing small meals in middle of a busy day, meal options (both veg and non-veg), safer ways to have your wine (yeah!) and the importance of squatting. She adds that you can eat more or less depending on the activity level of the day.
I will give it a 4 on 5 - it is worth having a copy if you (like me) count your calorie intake.
You may buy the book here.

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