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Don’t Let Potential Clients Drift Into the Black Hole of Oblivion

By Lindaluke @coachlindaluke

Falling away

Is it just me or are people more scattered and unfocused these days?  They used to say that  some potential clients might take at least 7 contacts before they enroll.  I wonder if that number has gone up…

What I am hearing is that if you don’t enroll a client during the initial interaction  it can take awhile to get their focus again.  Even the ones who fully intend to work with you.  There are so many things calling to people’s attention these days that they need to be reminded and engaged again and again.

And yes, I am talking about the F word.  Follow up.  Making those phone calls to check in with potential clients seems to be, shall we say, one of the least loved business activities for entrepreneurs.  And yet, it is extremely important.   If you do not follow up you may be letting future clients (and money) just fade away.

It is important to have a good system that keeps these future clients in front of you and reminds you to connect with them.  You can put them on your calendar, a list, or use one of the many task keeping apps available.  The important thing is to call.

A client is a terrible thing to waste…

Photo courtesy of K Briggs

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