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Don’t Hate Me…..Congratulate Me

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Don’t Hate Me…..Congratulate Me

Don’t Hate Me…..Congratulate Me

I’m sitting in Applebees but when the urge hits me I got to get it out  because by time I get to the computer I would’ve forgotten what I wanted to say. The joys of modern technology! My mind travels a million miles per hour and my thoughts are all over the place sometimes. So tonight I want to talk about the topic of Hating…

As a woman I have noticed that other women and some men seem to be good at tearing each other down. When something goods happens theres always one person who downplays your accomplishments. You buy a hot new outfit and they tell you its ok. You go out and it becomes a competition as to who gets the most numbers, you fall in love and they remind you of all the imperfections that a person has. Then you got the ones who copy everything you do! You get something new they want something new and when things don’t work out they seem happy and relieved that it didnt. Hating & jealousy is the most sincerest form of flattery … It lets you know that your ass doing something right! When you dealing with people and the peices to the puzzle don’t fit just sit back and watch that shit come together.

I’m a person who believes in motivating and I can honestly say there isn’t one person in my social circle I haven’t encouraged despite what was going on in my life at the time. I dont wish bad things on people and I dont sit around bitter and angry about what I don’t have because aint nobody got shit that I can’t have with a little hardwork. This is the reason why I have a blessed and happy life. I may not have that Nissan Armada I want, and I’m certainly not rich but my needs are met and I normally have a little left to buy my wants and go where I want to go. I may be single but I’m not lonely nor is there a lack of people willing to spend time with me. When you hate or suffer from jealousy you block your own blessings and you have a problem with your own self image and self esteem.

Don’t wish bad things on people, their relationships, their families, and their friendships.  Holding a grudge will trap you in misery. When someone does something to you, you don’t have to get mad, go off, or kick ass. Trust me life already doing that, can’t nobody kick your ass like life. I don’t understand what good hating does, everyone fights to maintain everyday. Learn how to be happy for others because when you are truly happy for others happiness comes to you. Now think positive thoughts…..woosah

Keep doing you and Ima do better :) ….uh now where’s my food?

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