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Don't Even Talk to Me About Results...

By Coupleofidiots @coupleofidiots
Don't even talk to me about results...
I'm so fully aware of what the next few weeks is bringing for A Level and GCSE students. I don't think I could have been more anxious about my a level results coming out. 
So here are a few tips about tonight/tomorrow and the next few weeks! 
1) Make sure you have a chilled night the night before results. My mom and I just sat watching films and eating loads of yummy foods. It was very very relaxing and still is my go to thing to do before getting any results. 
2) Stay away from UCAS, I had an app on my phone but seriously there is no point checking UCAS until you get up and it opens at 11 or whatever time it opens this year! I think I did it a pretty good way round, I checked my UCAS before I went to school in the morning to get my results! This way, I knew what to expect. There is nothing worse than opening an envelope in front of everyone and having to respond in a way you don't feel like responding. My mom woke me up with a cup of tea, and left me to check UCAS.. To which I ran into the lounge screaming with excitement about the fact I had gotten into university. In my head, it didn't matter what I had got in my results because I had got where I wanted to be! 
3) This next one is more for your friends, try not to boast too much. Someone may not have done as well as they expected and it's definitely worth a try to get your best reaction faces practiced and ready - sounds ridiculous but it's true! You do need to prepare for everyone else's news. 
4) PARTY -this one does not need explanation obviously..I went out with my best friend to an A level club crawl type thing and it was a lot of fun, definitely best to chill with your friends, it's goood to have down time with your friends after such an intense few months! 
5) Finally, prepare a lot for uni.. I can't even get into preparing for university because it's mental and no one can truly prepare you for that! 
Good luck everyone! 
I hope this short little blog was helpful, Muchos loveYsabelle xxxxxxxx

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