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Don’t Complain!

By Mamakbest @mamakbest

f40fc00d5fd56b37fd5d36d9133c15fe I thought this would be great to share with you guys. Earlier while speaking with someone,  she reminded me of this  article I recently tweeted. Career coach, Allen Allard writes briefly about the importance of challenging yourself to skip the complaining.

It is an important reminder, not just in the office but in every aspect of life.  You know the friend who complains about the rain, the sunshine, the cold, the heat and so on and so forth.  We all have moments when a mini tantrum is necessary.  I often call one of my best friends and and immediately say ”Ok, I have to vent!” and then I let it all out and then bam… have to move on.  Yesterday I had one of those days.  NOTHING would cooperate.  The mercury in retrograde struggle was real.  I forced  myself to get on the treadmill and work out the aggravation!  It worked!  I felt better and stopped feeling oh so sorry for myself!  Pick something to get your release and no, facebook or twitter shouldn’t be an option!  Just sayin’   You never know when your complaint ruins a moment for someone else!

Anyhoo, like my dad always says “Can’t complain, I woke up this morning so it is a blessed day!”.  Cheers to being positive!  xoxo-Kellie

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