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Don't Be There Sponge....

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity

         Don't Be There Sponge....
  Hey, Hey Shiners & Shinettes….I pray that everyone is well!
When it comes to sponges, I love them when I first get them because they are all fresh and clean, I even get some with fancy designs as well.  However, after a few uses they are so gross and have to be discarded.  Sponges carry so many germs and if one keeps using them, they will just continue to spread the nasty germs.  Now how does this pertain to being positive? 
Alright, here goes….I know that we all know someone who chooses to inflict his or her negativity on us; it may even be a family member (germs).  Here is the deal Shiners & Shinettes, YOU do not have to be there sponge and absorb their germs of negativity that they want to impose on you.  If you happen to be that sponge, they slowly begin to poison your positive surface and their negativity will start to seep deeper under the surface.  When this begins to happen, it starts to change us and not for the better.  You can refuse to be a part of their negativity.  YOU are strong enough not to let it happen; YOU are strong enough to not let it affect you.  YOU do not have to be there dirty little sponge.  Keep your positivity shield on and keep those negativity germs at bay. 
Your past is the past; however, those negativity germs will keep trying to get you to absorbing them.  A mistake that happened years ago, is finished, those negativity germs will keep trying to get you to reabsorb that as well.  ****WE have been forgiven****, and WE shall NOT allow ourselves to reabsorb the negativity germs that are trying desperately spread through our minds, bodies, and spirits!  WE WILL NOT BE THERE NEGATIVE GERMY SPONGE! We will continue to Positively Shine Bright! Ms. Positivity

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