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Dollar Store DIY: Vintage Locker Bins

By Adrienne Boswell @chiccalifornia1
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Dollar Store DIY: Vintage Locker Bins

When I gave my office a makeover this past fall I stocked my shelves with lots of Ikea boxes for storage. I realized a few days ago that I needed some extra storage for markers, pens and scissors. But I wanted easy access to them and I am maxed out on my Ikea storage. I needed a little something different before my office just looks like a display right out of Ikea! When I saw some bins at the dollar store the other day I knew I could do some Dollar Store DIY.

Dollar Store DIY: Vintage Locker Bins by Chic California

The Dollar Store was loaded up on storage bins and containers. When I stumbled upon these I knew they would make perfect faux, vintage style locker bins.

Dollar Store Makeover

Only one problem, they were neon green and plastic. Not exactly vintage looking.

Dollar Store DIY  plastic bins

But with a little of my favorite spray paint, I could fix that problem. I used Rustoleum Flat Antique Nickel to get the perfect metal look. I love this paint because you can use it on so many surfaces and it sticks really well.

DIY Dollar Store craft by Chic California

I spray painted the sides and the inside and allowed them to dry. And then I flipped them over and sprayed the bottoms and under the lip of the bin to hide all that green.

Dollar Store Organizing with a DIY vintage style locker bin

I sell these little tags at my retail space and they look like the numbers that you would find on real vintage locker bins. They would also be great on baskets or attached to mason jars. To attach the tags I poked a hole through the plastic bin with a large upholstery needle. And then used some twine to tie the tag onto the bin.

Dollar Store DIY by Chic California

I separated my markers and supplies into old cans and placed them in the bins. Now I have plenty of room for more supplies and I can easily see what I have.

Dollar Store Locker Bins

It also breaks up all that Ikea storage!

DIY Vintage Locker bins from the dollar store

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